Ep 516.1: That First Pill


“Can we all just take a minute, and thank god for atheism?”

Here is part one of the five part series we managed to salvage out of the twenty four hours we streamed for. In this episode you’ll hear from myself, Danni, Brayden, Marc ( a little bit ), Shawn, and Chris, and it was getting this thing off to a wicked great start. That’s my bad for starting this thing at four in the morning? Yea, probably. Anyways, if you want a dick shirt, go get yourself one. It isn’t going to help our Milwaukee trip, because at the time of typing this is July 28th. We learn a lot about ourselves in this episode, so I’m just going to stop here and let you listen to it. Get some, if you can stomach it.

Here is the link to our store, where you can get our shirt designs. You can also get the Jamhole Dicks design at Zazzle.

– You can only go so far before you have to start stealing  ideas.

– Welcome to our 24 hour intervention marathon. I can’t believe we thought that was a good idea.

– Let’s delve deep into the depression that is our friend Chris. Why didn’t you graduate high school? Because high school is a huge crock of worthless shit, and everything I need to know I learned on the internet.

– Apparently you can get paid $100,000 NOT to go to college. Hey Peter Thiel, what about us? So anyways, what’s your biggest regret? Hmm, let me think…

– Listen to Danni sound super smart talking about weed. Have I mentioned how much I love weed? I feel like I should jump out that window and fly. You ever feel like that?

– Asking the deep questions in the first hour. When you woke up in the morning, what was the one thing you looked forward to? Beating the children duh! That’s your fault for living with a married couple.

– I apologize for this miserable hour. Let’s blame Robby!

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