Ep 515: Mafia Wars


“It doesn’t take two weeks to crack WEP bro-ster… Punky Broster.”

Another great episode of the Jamhole, well great in my eyes… or ears. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So I’ll say it’s beautiful, since I’m the one holding it, and that will manifest itself as positive reality, so by the time you get around to listening to this, you’ll know that beauty is only skin deep. Anyways, here’s some fucking notes…

– Thank you Skype / Microsoft for updating Skype right before the podcast. I tried my hardest to cancel that shit, but it was like NO! You WILL have the new Skype. Word on the street is that Microsoft is getting a patent going to completely fuck Skype up by inserting a man in the middle style attack to snoop on our phone calls. It’s called Legal Intercept. Not nice Microsoft, not nice at all. Stop recording our shit. That’s our job.

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– The Milwaukee trip / live show we have been talking about trying to raise money for was pretty fucking awesome. You can read the story about how that all came to be, and listen to the episode here. The pictures from the trip are here.

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Mafia Wars should never be real life, and if it is, you should kill yourself, in real life. This is what happens when shit gets real. People get sued for defamation and intention infliction of emotional distress… aka… cyber bullying. He didn’t really love you did he? Now what did you learn?

Congrats to Jonathan Steinberg for setting his deadbeat tenants boxer shorts on FIRE! What a fucking bad ass. Now what did you learn? Pay your rent fool.

– Probably not the most romantic way to end your lives. You’ll be with me forever right? Sure honey, sure. Now what happens when only one of the two dies? EPIC FAIL! Guess who survived? Yea duh! The man. We are extra tough for having to put up with women all the time. Just look at the gays. They don’t have to put up with women, and they are complete pussies. Well, most of them.

This is what happens when your girlfriend asks you to write a song about her, because she is SO VAIN, and you don’t. Yea, nothing good, believe that. I think the story was removed from the news site, sorry about that.

– Did you know that more U.S. men die from cancer than women? Yea, it’s because we deal with all the bullshit, and that stresses us the fuck out. Not to mention you women drive us to smoking, and that kills us. If more men would smoke more cannabis, we would never have to deal with cancer. I know I won’t. Prevention is the best medicine, so blaze one!

– Let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart… WIFI hacking! This is a pretty decent example as to why, if you live in a neighborhood, you should have something a bit more harder to hack than simply WEP on your wifi network. Granted, it took this douche bag two weeks to crack your key, but still. He tried to frame you for child porn. Not nice. That’s what you get for kissing their four year old son on the LIPS! Oh yea, and if you wanna try out the new version of BackTrack, go to their website.

– Speaking of tech, can the department of Justice make me decrypt my drive? For realz? Pretty sure this is against our constitutional rights, but when has that stopped them before?

– Did they plan this from the start? Apparently, the discs that Swiss banker gave to Wikileaks, had nothing on them. But now you know how the government would react and what would happen if something like this happens for real.

What the hell is that out in the field? Hey Bill, does that look like a bomb to you? What? A bong? Yea, it sort of does now that you mention it. No, I said a bomb, oh just forget it.

You were getting drunk at your friends house with his mom, and the next morning one of you is dead. How the fuck does that happen? Oh, because he had a fight with his girlfriend, and got sucked into some alcohol fueled violence. Not cannabis, but alcohol. Interesting… You stabbed him in the GROIN! Jesus fucking Christ dude.

When car surfing goes terribly wrong. Let’s try to make better choice, shall we? What do you know about car surfing? Send in your best car surfing videos. I’m totally kidding. Don’t send us anything like that. Is this even considered a stunt anymore? I mean really, any idiot can get up on the roof of his car and hang ten.

– It’s been a slice, and now I bid you a do. Check out the marathon five part series, and the Milwaukee show. All of that shit is on the site. Please be subscribed in Itunes, and follow us on Justin.tv to get emailed when the show is live. You can also follow us on Twitter, and the Facebook page. Oh yea, and join the Jamhole forums. And donate some cash. If you want, leave a message for the show at 406.204.4687. Peace out g’s!

By Mat Lee

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