Ep 516.3: ZEN Hour


“You spare no feelings here.”

Danni says if we get $200 in donations in the next ten minutes, we can take the live camera into the bathroom while she’s in the shower. Haha, you couldn’t even do that. She’s probably glad in hindsight. This was kind of like an awkward prostitution of some sorts. How high are you right now? Not high enough. Welcome to part three.

– Let’s sit back and listen to Shawn, Brayden, Danni, and Mat talk about all sorts of random, sleep deprived shit. What did you think about that popular trial? I’m not even going to name what trial I’m talking about, because this isn’t link bait.

– This is what’s wrong with the government, and how we should fix it. Let’s start with cannabis, and drugs in general. Oh yea, and you should probably fix that whole money problem thing.

– Here is the basic premise of how to live Zen. Just be nice you idiot. Haha. Basically we help you by making these¬†episodes three days a week. You help us by paying for the server, and if you see fit, kicking us a bit extra. Hell, we’ll even clothe you.

– I have no idea how we started talking about Toddlers and Tiaras again. Oh right, because Danni used to be a model.

– Damn, she was on a roll. Oh yea, and we’re still wondering where Robby is at this point. I was honestly worried. Did he die? What happened? Keep on listening and find out!

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