TJH 675: Skeptical Me


“That’s ASMR you’re feeling.”

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Jamhole. Mat and BJ back at it chatting about all sorts of shit that’s super relevant to your life. Kick back, relax, and enjoy this time we share together with you. Life is short after all, and you’ll definitely want to stick around to see how this all ends.

Let’s pour one out for the homie Nipsey Hussle.



Gather around y’all, I’m going to tell you a story about how Centurylink fucked me.

Speaking of scams, do you ever get bored and go through your spam folder? I found this gem in there. Apparently Gerard caught me jerking it.

Anti-vaxxers are back in the news. The World Health Organization has ranked Anti-vaxxers among the top 10 global health threats.

Let’s talk about ASMR (Pronounced ASSMER). Apparently women that are ASMR recording artists sometimes have to deal with stalkers and rapists and shit. Are you a tingler?

Bringing it back locally, Diwaker Agarwal of Roseburg Oregon was apparently caught up in some prostitution bizz.

When BJ finds articles to chat about on the show, we talk about things like the Flintstones house. Good find babe!

Deadbeat twin dads! Which one of you bros dumped a load in this hoe?

Hey Google, please don’t take away Google Play Music! I actually genuinely love that service.

Thanks for listening and we’ll chat with you again soon!

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