Ep 266: Full of Thetans


“Christianity sounds more believable to me than that shit.”

So it goes that if god is real, the devil must be real also. All that sounds great if it’s your belief system, my question is this. If you all believe in this crap, then why are people crazy when they claim they have done things in god’s name, or that god talks to them? Or even the devil’s name, and that the devil talks to them? We can all go to church and give them loads of money they don’t pay taxes on, you mindlessly recite the scriptures, the prayers, and the creeds, you bless people in the name of jesus christ, who supposedly died for the sins of the world, you eat the body and blood of jesus christ, thinking it somehow gives you some sort of power over life. Yet when people come out and say they killed other people in the name of the lord, or that satan told them to rape and eat poor defenseless babies, you instantly label them as crazy. So now it’s crazy? Who decides what god says and what he doesn’t? Who decides who is doing god’s work, and who is just a liar using religion as a bullshit cop out. I don’t believe these killers and baby eaters are the crazy ones. These people are so lost and confused, they are simply responding to a false reality you have all helped to create and brainwash into their skulls. This mess is your fault. You created this religion to try and control people, you cannot blame the sheep for following the sheperd. I think we need to put religion on trial, and make it accountable for their actions. Some people aren’t thinkers, and they are the ones we need to watch out for. Think about it next time your sitting in church. According to the popular belief system, each and every one of the people sitting there with you should be able to do anything they want in the name of the lord. Who are you silly human, to argue with god’s will? It gets even worse, now we have this new church trying to bully people around. The funny thing about this church, is that their belief system makes christianity sound pretty damn plausible. You believe in an alien called Xenu? Are you fucking kidding me adults? You do realize the guy who wrote the church of scientology’s bible, was a science fiction writer right? The sad thing is, this church has a shit load of mindless followers, with even more tax free money. Go ahead, confess your sins. Nothing matters anymore, you have all broken this world beyond repair. Good luck reaping the poisonous fruits you have sown.

  • Danni is almost fully recovered, aside from the phantom ovary pains. Time to break out the mirror again.
  • I don’t have a bladder infection, I know what those feel like. I also know what piss all over my hands feel like. Danni is very in tune with her body.
  • The surgery documentary footage is on its way to Mcnally. The actual surgery footage was crystal clear, you are all going to love it. If you like guts and blood.
  • We’re going to need a full tox screen on the tumor to determine the cause of death. Actually, it’s called an oncology report. Oh nevermind, just forget it.
  • Let me give you the grand tour of your girlfriends insides. Gee, thanks!
  • Go buy some stuff from the jamhole store. Thank you.
  • Because of my awesome mind power, I made the abortion protesters leave. Who’s the mind freak now? I really hate those people.
  • Go check out the antivaccine rally video. It’s for fun! You can also see two brand new emo poetry episodes. I know there is lines in it, that’s what I get for using windows movie maker to edit HD video. I’ll go back to using the everio.
  • I would rather be a virtual hoarder than a real life hoarder. Fight it Danni!
  • We finally got Danni out of the house Sunday. Let’s talk about the newest Saw movie. Go to see people get all fucked up, not for deep story line.
  • Who wants naked pictures of Danni? Show me the money!
  • Too much anime makes you dream in anime. Dreaming in anime is fucked up. FLCL was cool, bleach is ok, but way too long. Trigun is just right. Naruto is also cool, please dub more in english, thank you.
  • Playing the zelda for my nintendo ds reminded me why I stopped playing that game. After a few hours of trying to figure out where the fuck I was.
  • Thank you in advance Verizon, for the ass fucking I will receive Friday when the Droid comes out. It’s complicated, so fuck me. Keep digging that hole.
  • Trick or treat, where’s my wedding ring? Ooops!
  • What do you think of Scientology? Yea, let’s see how silly you can make a religion and still have people believe in it. The winner is… Scientology. For more information on this retardedness, check out operation clambake. Also, check out the wiki page for that Miscavige guy. Now look at the screen cap I took from the wiki page last night. Someone changed it back. Liars!
  • Here comes the bride… Oh shit, she just gave birth! Did I mention she is eleven years old? Nice work humanity! The guy is maybe going to jail because he had sex with a girl under fourteen. Should have waited a few more years.
  • Playing basketball with your child. No, not that way. This way. Best story of the night!
  • Penis so small, and that’s why I’m angry. Also, I fucked your wife.
  • The best way to get yourself started with a hearing loss fetish. People are so retarded.
  • If people believe in this dumb fucking shit, I’m going to start selling them dumb fucking shit.

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