Ep 265: iDon’t


“Don’t put your dick in anything else, or you’ll die.”

I hate when you start playing a video game, for example, the zelda game for the nintendo ds… So I hate when you stop playing the game for a few years, then maybe one day you feel bored, so you pick up the game to play again. Where the fuck am I and what the fuck am I supposed to be doing? It’s been so long, I have no idea where I am in the game. Ok, here is my boat, I guess I’ll hop on that and go somewhere. So like two hours later, I finally figure out where I’m supposed to be. It’s a stupid dungeon that’s timed, and there is all these knight things walking around trying to smack me and take my time away. I tried to get through this stupid dungeon for another hour or so, and finally got mad and remembered why it’s been like three years since I’ve played this game. I don’t like that dungeon.

  • Prank and you will be pranked. That’s just how it goes.
  • A huge thanks for our christian psychic for letting me know to watch out for the dog poop. If you are going to argue theology, make better points.
  • Mr Deity, very brilliant. You should all email mrdeity@mrdeity.com and tell him the Jamhole wants to be judged.
  • Learn everything you ever wanted to know about HPV. Maybe Danni spread that shit around while in NY. We feel for you Micah Sherman. You all have dirty dicks.
  • Ron Conkoma calls in, but has some phone problems. Don’t worry about it, we sorted it out.
  • Joy calls in and tells us about growing up with Danni, and cheating.
  • The new Droid. I want one, so go to thejamhole.com/donate. Please don’t fuck this up verizon.
  • Mike from Erototoys.com calls in and trys to burst Mat’s bubble about the droid. Thank you Mike.
  • 40 days for life, thank you for your prayers. You are really out there making a difference. The whole planned parenthood closing had nothing to do with those prayers.
  • It’s hard to take your business serious when you are all dressed up in costumes.
  • The top jamhole found search phrases for September 2009. These are always fun. A huge thanks to all the perverts searching for 16 year old sluts. Woops!
  • Baby raping is a huge issue in Africa.
  • Canceling your school Halloween celebration because you don’t want to offend the witches. All wiccans are big fat lesbians. It’s a proven fact.
  • No candy here… Because I don’t like candy. Also because I’m a sexual predator. Nice job Atlanta.
  • Be careful while trick or treating, you don’t wanna catch the H1Nword out there. It’s everywhere! Bobbing for apples is disgusting anyways.
  • Danni yells at the Bigmouths podcast again. This is an awkward silence.
  • Getting your eye ripped out… Eye Don’t! Eye eye captain! Eye don’t understand this.
  • Danni reads a story about some serious abuse of power. Do you know you just gave the mayor’s son a ticket? Oh crap. Nice work mayor!
  • Smuggling plums? Fuck no, smuggling all sorts of reptiles, taped to your body. Can you say full body search? Oooh now that’s scary. Reptile smuggling is no joking matter.
  • You can all probably stop calling that cell phone. We got everything figured out. We’re not the only one who has jokes. :)

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