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TJH 662: The Department Bicycle


“If you see the flash of light, duck and cover.”

What me worry? It’s just another Saturday cold chilling with your homies in earthquake free Jamholia. If the ground is shaking, that just means we’re out there getting our humpty hump on with the big bad world. We hope you enjoyed the last episode with Pat Dixon. It’s always good talking to people far funnier than we are. Lot’s of fun happening here as we prepare to start festival season. May 1st – 3rd is the Spring Barter Faire up in Tonasket Washington. This is definitely an experience everyone should trip into at least once in their lives. If you wanna come kick it, holla! Other than that, keep checking out Stuff Stoners Like for all the fun weed stuff I’m writing about, and we’ll talk to you soon!

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