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Ep 267: Good Deals


“I can’t walk to the toilet so I’ll just poop right here.”

Tomorrow is finally the day the new droid comes out. I have personally been waiting three years for a phone on verizon that is better than the xv6900. Lots of promises have been made, but they have all fallen short. The storm was a joke, the storm 2 probably the same joke, just told a different way. The touch pro family is decent, but nothing that makes me want to get rid of the phone I currently have. It’s weird how they discontinue the good products, just to release more shit products. Someone should really explain to them why the business model they have adopted sucks. Who knows, maybe they don’t give a shit, because if you want to buy one of their phones for a halfway decent price, you have to lock yourself in to a two year contract. It will be interesting to see how many people renew those contracts once they are up. Don’t get me wrong, verizon has done some good, and compared to the other cell phone providers here in the Flathead Valley, they are the best. They have a fantastic network, if only they would spend that much time and effort into making sure the phones they allow you to use on the network were good.

My main problem with verizon is that they always load the smart phones they sell with crap that no one wants. Why would you pay extra money every month for a stupid verizon app that lets you download music, when you can get the free Gsplayer and copy your own music to the device? Why would you pay more money every month for the shitty verizon navigator program, when you could get free google maps for windows mobile, which works much better. Oh right, because they locked out the gps to only work with the verizon navigator software. Granted, you can spend countless hours trying to unlock the gps yourself, reprogramming the rom and whatnot, ┬ásometimes it works, sometimes you completely brick your phone. It’s unnecessary bullshit. Stop putting useless crap on phones please. They had better not fuck around with that shit when the droid comes out. I want the phone as google intended it. This means NOT having to pay all these extra fees just to get the functionality that the phone should have came with in the first place. So once again I say, please don’t fuck this up verizon. You NEED this.

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