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Ep 252: Smokers Welcome


“Sometimes chicks just wanna fuck!”

We learn a lot in tonight’s episode of the jamhole. For example, the feminine name Zoe is actually pronounced Zoey. Who would have thought? Not me that’s for sure. I also find it interesting that people who claim to be the  most religious are without a doubt, the most hypocritical, ignorant, self righteous weirdos I have ever come into contact with. It’s almost as if religion (doesn’t matter which one you pick) is like an internet worm. Once it infects you, it wreaks havoc on your system, then before it completely destroys said system, it sends itself to everyone in your contacts list. The only way to make sure you are protected from such a blatant viral infection of this magnitude, is to arm yourself with knowledge, evidence based science, and common sense. There is a good reason we are called the brights. Regardless of which fairytale you pick, keep that shit to yourself… And hey 40 days for life people, didn’t you pray hard enough the last time you were out protesting the abortion clinic for 40 days? What’s the matter, did your prayers fall on def ears? Of course, if nothing changed the last time, you’ll just have to pray harder this time around. You are so fucking crazy if you think you are talking to anyone but yourself. Give me one good solid piece of evidence that any prayer from the beginning of time until now has been answered, and I’ll change The Jamhole into a christian podcast, get married, have kids, and go to church every sunday. I dare you.

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