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Ep 223: Binker


“I have semen in my bladder right now, no big deal.”

Welcome to our special Saturday episode of The Jamhole. We are doing this for two reasons. One, I counted wrong when I was figuring out what day our 250th episode live audience party would be, so we needed an extra episode to make it right. Two, quite a few of our listeners have donated money (mostly to see what kind of awesome std’s I ¬†might have because I’ve never been tested before), but also because they enjoy the show, and like to show their support for it. So here you go, hope you enjoy it. Thank you everyone for all of your support, whether it be monetary, or helping us spread the word, we couldn’t do this without you. If you haven’t already, come join our forums and discuss stuff with us. You can post videos, blogs, pictures, all that shit! It’s great.

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