Ep 223: Binker


“I have semen in my bladder right now, no big deal.”

Welcome to our special Saturday episode of The Jamhole. We are doing this for two reasons. One, I counted wrong when I was figuring out what day our 250th episode live audience party would be, so we needed an extra episode to make it right. Two, quite a few of our listeners have donated money (mostly to see what kind of awesome std’s I ¬†might have because I’ve never been tested before), but also because they enjoy the show, and like to show their support for it. So here you go, hope you enjoy it. Thank you everyone for all of your support, whether it be monetary, or helping us spread the word, we couldn’t do this without you. If you haven’t already, come join our forums and discuss stuff with us. You can post videos, blogs, pictures, all that shit! It’s great.

  • Danni is losing her skin quicker than I am losing my hair.
  • Some local smash and grab news. I love it when shit like this happens around here.
  • Hotcakes, that was very fucking disgusting. In other news, my zipper almost bit my dick off. I’m very gun shy about it now.
  • Don’t talk shit about the food, and you won’t be told to go fuck yourself.
  • Fuck you Asian guy. Thanks for the tip you faggot! Hey Asians, step up your game.
  • Terminator salvation is much better than Transformers 2.
  • I’m going to a bachelor party this evening. I’ll tell you about it on the Monday evening show.
  • Are you tattling on me? I didn’t think so…
  • Danni really does like anal, her shit is just way too wrecked to do it.
  • I finally finished The God Delusion. Let’s read another quick excerpt. Listen and learn.
  • In a perfect world, there would be no religion.
  • Do you know who Binker is? You do now.
  • Another pervert man of god goes to jail for having sex with kids.
  • It’s a good thing Jupiter is where it is. Or is it? Let’s blow our minds real quick.
  • The ten most frightening torture techniques from back in the day. Damn we know some crazy ways of bringing people pain. Check the pictures.
  • Let’s talk about big fat fucks. Children of big fat fucks, will usually end up big fat fucks.
  • Denny’s is helping make all of you big fat fucks. How’s your sodium intake?

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