Ep 220: Naked Pinups


“We’re just gonna have to blow up the moon!”

I really wish there was an easy way to show you all how funny danni looks when she is impatiently waiting for water to boil. It’s the greatest thing in the world. I find great amounts of joy in it. Which is probably good, considering in these dire times we all are partaking in, great amounts of joy seem to visit us all few and far between. I mean of course you all get joy from new jamhole episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, just like we get joy out of creating them. I get joy out of a few other podcasts that are doing their thing, producing great content and keeping it real so to speak. I get joy out of the fact that my job keeps me active and is a good daily workout, otherwise I would be a huge fat fuck like the majority of america. That would most definitely not bring me great amounts of joy. Anyways, its late and we just got done recording the Wednesday night episode, so I had better rap this up. Also, I hope you all enjoyed Josh’s podcast gangbang song at the beginning of the episode. We sure did! Much better than his podcast rap. I’ll make you a deal Josh, you leave the rapping to me, and I’ll leave the singing to you. Happy moon landing day!

  • Fuck you RSS feed, if Danni dumps Mat, it will be because Mat is an asshole because something RSS related has ceased to function.
  • Where were you when the moon landing happened? This guy was busy hanging out in a box. These guys were actually on the moon, checking out porn. We establish that Mat is a geek geek.
  • Natasha Henstridge, you have put on some pounds in Impact, unless you are just method acting. Mat thinks she was much hotter in the species trilogy.
  • Some more fishing talk of course…
  • The aftermath of the IQ / Threesome Adam drama. Guess which one was pissy.
  • Happy birthday Mat’s Mom!!! That’s right, we actually call Mat’s mom all the way in California during the show, just to wish her a happy birthday. Who’s the best son ever? Pretty sure I am.
  • Let’s talk about sluts baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that hurt my pee pee, let’s talk about sex.
  • Please stop stocking up the house with food, because it makes me wake up in the middle of the night so I can eat it all. Thank you.
  • The worlds fattest nine year old. You disgusting fat fuck. Your life is over before it has even had a chance to start.
  • The Great Buck Howard, was a pretty damn amusing movie. All mentalists should strive to be like Buck Howard.
  • Hey parents, raise your kids better please.
  • What drugs do you like and why? This is our steez.
  • Can you please give us reviews and ratings on Itunes? Thank you!
  • All of you dog owners that are like this completely disgust me, and there is a good reason why you are barren and unable to have “real” children.
  • Mat really wants to jerk off all over Danni’s face when she talks in her southern accent.
  • Now it’s time for the PGB question of the week brought to you by Hotcakes!
  • Twentysix left a voicemail at 406.204.4687 and you can to! Of course we play them on the show. Speed wobbles suck big floppy donkey dick.
  • Thank you very much Bob from Fahrenheit404.com for the donation, even if english is not your first language.
  • Enjoy the track “Judgement” from “The Book of Matthew” available now at thejamhole.com/store for a ten dollar donation.

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