Ep 221: Lumpy


“Are you ok? I thought I heard a child crying.”

Welcome to the best, longest running, most amazing, funniest podcast in Montana! It’s tourist season again. People come here and spend their hard earned money. Why come here rather than spend your money where you live? Because where you live fucking sucks, is overcrowded, and smells funny. What’s that smell? Hot pee!! That’s just a few of the reasons why. So they come up here and breath life into our otherwise dead economy, and that allows us to make it through the winter, when everyone goes back the fuck home. Hey, if it’s called tourist season, why can’t you shoot them? I swear to fuck if i hear that goddamn “joke” one more time I’m gonna explode. Hey, you think its hot now? Keep living the wrong way. Fucking goddamn sinners.

  • Let’s talk about silly church signs, and how even they are judging you. ¬†Fuck god!
  • The world loses another star. Tim was right, and you may expect ¬†more deaths. Beware celebrities… Beware.
  • Danni wants to suck start a glock, because she doesn’t care about Gidget.
  • The World of Warcraft movie is going to usher in the apocalypse.
  • Unless things are specified before the show, everything is allowed. So Mat has a lumpy penis, and Danni’s ass is getting fat. Thank you for that.
  • Fine, you wanna talk about it, lets talk about it. I don’t even care anymore.
  • Speaking of tourists, why are they all super fat? I feel bad for your motorcycle.
  • Running old people off the road in the truck. Not really, but the elderly should not be allowed to drive. I’m just trying to make the roads safer, that’s all.
  • A great argument that god doesn’t exists… from facebook.
  • Changing signs at churches, a long fucking time ago. Longer than what the statute of limitations is for stuff like that. See the album art or click here for the gallery.
  • We atheists need to get together and do good stuff. God I hate the jesus fish.
  • People should drive better.
  • Pot law leaves cops HIGH and dry WANKY WANKY!!!
  • Danni gets fucked by her ex job… go figure.
  • Do you remember Pauly Shore?
  • Fuck the way they do jury duty here, and fuck the lady at the cop office.
  • The Iphone responsible for yet another death. You make it too easy.
  • My bologna has a first name… Holy shit, the oscar mayer wienermobile is driving into my living room!
  • Danni is Bi… Shhh.
  • This is why you should always watch your back. Also, don’t be a felon.
  • Terminator Salvation was pretty fucking awesome.
  • Danni is the coolest dude we know!

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