Ep 222: Blonde Jokes


“Don’t try and put things in my pee hole.”

I see dead people. Everywhere I look, these poor lost souls are chained to a life they thought would make them happy. Trapped in the proverbial antibody, waiting to be injected into the blood stream of society. Where do you fit? It doesn’t matter, because we all know how to force it. If the shoe fits right? I see dead people drifting from smoke break to lunch hour to smoke break, then ending it all with one final punch of the clock. Is this the American dream? If it is, I don’t ever want to sleep again. It’s society that creates drug addicts. We are so unhappy with the day to day state of being, we will kill to put something in our system that changes the way we perceive things, even if in the long run, it ends up killing us. I see dead people, drowning in a pool of their own self made misery. Driving themselves insane in a never ending game of who wants to be a millionaire. That my friends, makes me a sad panda.

  • Ooh girl it’s hot in here, so take off all your clothes… Fuck, has anyone seen my balls? I think I’ve sweated them off.
  • Danni likes cool awesome disgusting stuff.
  • Jeffers morning everyone. Sometimes I feel like I might explode. Visioneers is a great amusing movie. Enjoy it!
  • Zach the felon is still in jail, wanna see who else is in jail here? Check out the public jail roster.
  • No thanks to all you motherfuckers, I will get my first STD test. I hate you all.
  • More awesome jokes you can say to your water delivery guy. Do you guys remember dumb blond jokes?
  • Did you see the weird lightening cloud here on thursday? Because we all did.
  • This is the easiest way to kill Bin Laden. Thanks Johnny from Tucson.
  • Some news from the MPP.org. Is weed still not legal yet? Wow america, wow.
  • Danni sucks at smoking pot.
  • Our nations new drug czar is a fucking retard. Thanks Obama!
  • Don’t forget, September 25th is our 250th episode party! Come take a trip to Kalispell Montana and party with The Jamhole.
  • Could you live without money? I highly doubt it. We would survive if it came down to it, so listen up.
  • This is how you eat mushrooms if you don’t like eating mushrooms.
  • If it came down to it, Mat would eat Danni with his gigantic allosaurus teeth.
  • 100 things your kids may never know about. Do you remember the good old days?
  • For 20 bucks, you can have a jamhole shirt, the book of matthew, and jamhole stickers. Go to thejamhole.com/donate while supplies last!
  • Voicemail from twentysix, which goes into me explaining why we need a new couch. Trust me, we need one.

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