Ep 234: Save a Whale


“If you can’t deal, you’re a faggot.”

With everything happening in the world today, most of it affecting everyone on a larger scale, it amazes me people still find the time to complain and be ¬†bothered about stupid shit. He called me a skank on his blog, she made a sign that makes fun of fat people, you don’t believe what I do, you look different than me, you have sex with the same gender, and the list goes on. Hey people, maybe if you spent more time worrying about shit that matters, like maybe the fact that your children are going to be retarded as fuck because their text books are way out dated, or the fact that we are completely fucking up the planet we live on, and so far we haven’t found a suitable replacement planet, or maybe the fact that we are at the mercy of a handful of companies, and as much as you like to think they have your best interest in mind, they don’t. Just please, open your eyes and focus on something that matters for a change, before its even more too late than it already probably is. Who gives a shit about who’s cheating on who on your favorite tv show, none of that is gonna matter pretty soon when our society is reduced to nothing more than a bunch of fat uneducated, unmotivated, uninspired retards, and our planet is falling apart at the seams. No offense to retards or seams of course. That’s your parents fault. Good luck everyone!

  • If you have access to bali schag, I would really apprecaite you sending some to The Jamhole P.O. Box 3652 Kalispell MT ¬†59903 Thanks!
  • Nice job law makers, you fucking idiots. If we want super fun radberry chew, then god damnit, we’ll chew super fun radberry chew. Stop fucking with our bad habits.
  • Mat had a fun time back in his raver days. It was a lot cooler than it sounds.
  • Danni still has no idea how to read.
  • It’s not the governments job to raise your children. It’s your job. If I sucked at my job as bad as you suck at parenting, I would have been fired long ago. Raise your kids better.
  • Also take some of that bail out money, and buy some new fucking text books for the schools. Education should probably be priority one.
  • Danni has a cousin that’s not doing very good at life right now. Come up to Montana, our welfare system is the bomb shit.
  • Word to the wise, McDonalds is not a career choice.
  • That dude from sixty minutes died. No, not him, the other dude. I don’t get that guy.
  • Cyberbullying is getting completely out of control. Be nice assholes. Congrats on the first felony for cyberbullying!
  • Hey adults, step up your game!
  • It’s never been cool in the middle east and it will never be cool. Just get over it. Bombing shit is kind of their thing.
  • Not sure if you know this or not, but we have deserts here too.
  • Hey Obama, nascar sucks, and if it’s ok with you, could you maybe do some fucking work or something?
  • Nice work peta, but I’m still going to eat meat only. Carnivore 4 Life! Cows are vegetarians, and they are still fat.
  • Did you hear, the robots know how to lie now. I’m starting to think this HUAR thing is really going to happen. It’s not a joke anymore.
  • We do advice too! The question is, can money really buy you everything? Of course it can!
  • Beating down a 13 year old because you really like soccer. It was your ball, and I’m sure he learned his lesson.
  • This is how you sell crack cocaine. Nice SUV, is that yours? I’m gonna take it now. Say no to crack kids!
  • Starting the best traffic jam ever. This is the kind of shit I would do if I was rich as fuck.

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