Ep 246: Bang Bang!


“Those are blanks, right?”

In a civilized world, parents don’t shoot their kids trying to kill them. Unless of course, the kid is trying to kill the parents. But in a civilized world, the kids should never kill the parents. It does happen, and probably more than you think. That means either this is not a civilized world, or every now and then shit happens. This is the story of one of those times that shit happens. It’s more fucked up for me personally because I know the kid, but I’m sure that is nothing compared with having your own father try to kill you. The sad thing is, the kid is going to be fucked up from this for quite some time still, but the father will probably be back home after a weak charge and even weaker prosecuting attorney in court. I guess that also falls under the category of shit happens. Hey dickface, parents are supposed to help their children in hopes they can live a little better. What you did was the complete opposite. Not only have you stopped your son’s forward progress, but you’ve actually gone so far as to set him back years and years. I’m nominating you, Tim Withrow Sr., for the worst parent in the universe contest. Any good you may have done in your son’s life has completely been reversed. You did a very horrible thing. What you did is like sad kittens, and ask Danni, that’s pretty sad.

  • The quick way to lose 40 pounds…
  • I’m still mad about the qtip.
  • It makes me queasy even listening back to the catheter stuff.
  • Ep 213: Bad Luck was the episode we first talked about this whole shooting thing in.
  • Have you ever been shot before? We’ve all been shot with bb guns.
  • I think you should probably get attempted murder, 3 times. One for each time your son died.
  • On a lighter note, get your entries for the 120 gig ipod in. Time is running out. The winner will be announced during the preshow for episode 251. Also, come celebrate 250 episodes with us Friday, September 25th.
  • Interrupting Kanye calls in.
  • Kanye West is a douche. Just thought I’d say that again. I think that if flo-rida and tpayne fucked, and tpayne got preggers, the little baby girl that was born would be Kanye West.
  • Sleepless in Seattle because you have tubes all inside your body.
  • Danni tells a quaint little story about how she overdosed once, and woke up in the hospital.
  • I’ll edit the hiccups out. Wait a second, no I won’t.
  • Is that my duodenum acting up again?
  • All this and more for $600,000! Thanks dad!!
  • This is how you make unwanted company leave.
  • My friend has a hole in his chest because of his crazy dad.
  • Discipline your kids please, especially when we are eating at charlie wongs. Best chinese food ever, at least in Kalispell. I’ll have to add that to the map.
  • Don’t ever try to persuade danni into wanting kids. Ever.
  • I have to have surgery on my dick soon, so leave me the fuck alone.
  • Danni comes from a long line of hoarders. She has the hoarder blood.

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