Ep 281: Sexcapades


“That’s one of the fringe benefits of being a homo is punching bitches.”

Every now and then there comes a time when bitches go and over step their boundaries. This has happened twice before in Jamhole history, where we actually took notice enough to put the call out to all Jamholians, to put a bitch in their place. Well, it’s happened again. The first time I can remember was a crazy stalker ex boyfriend of a girl I had some interest in a long time ago, the second time was a crazy psycho dead beat dad ex of a girl a friend of the show was dating. Well, this time it was neither a male, nor an ex of anyone. Basically, to sum up the story Danni told on the show here, some bitch found some pictures of Danni and put them up on 4chan (they have since been removed), along with Danni’s myspace and phone number stating that she was lonely. The pictures were apparently from when Danni was dating this guy a long time ago, and I guess that was enough to make this bitch freak the fuck out when she found them. I’m not sure why this guy still has pictures of Danni, and that really is neither here nor there. This is where you guys come in. We think it would be a good idea for you all to call up this fat fuck troll named Heather and let her know that putting people’s information on the internet without justifiable cause is not ok. Her phone number is 941.914.0502. You can text her pictures of your penis, or poop, call her, leave her messages, and basically get the point across that until she calls our voicemail line at 406.204.4687 with an apology, this will not stop. Feel free to make a craigslist posting, subscribe her to whatever sms services you can find, etc… Be creative. If there is one thing you are all good at, it’s teaching a lesson to stupid fat fuck pigs like Heather… And Heather, if you are reading this, all you have to do to make this stop is call 406.204.4687 and apologize. Once you do that, you can go back to your shitty life, stuffing your fat face with twinkies and ding dongs, or whatever it is you fat fucks stuff your fat faces with these days. Thank you.

  • Guess who has a potty mouth?
  • When all you do is raise kids, you lose your ability to communicate with adults. What a sad, sad existence.
  • Let me tell you how fucking cold it is out here. We have no degrees anymore.
  • The most majestic thing that has ever come out of my asshole. Get guiness on the horn. NSFW! Props to our toilet once again for impressing the fuck out of me.
  • Come by and join the Missoula Skeptical Society on facebook. Let’s do something with this!
  • A phone call from our friend who recently came out of the closet. It’s your mom’s fault.
  • Why would Danni’s information end up on 4chan? Because bitches be stupid… DAMN! So yea, feel free to give her a call or a text. Her number is probably 941.914.0502. Her name is Heather. All we want is an apology left on our voicemail line, or call in live wednesday night. You have the number.
  • So here is the back story on who this fat fuck troll bitch is. Enjoy!
  • I’m pregnant, will you come down to Florida and fuck my boyfriend, because I can’t at the moment. You crazy fucking bitch!
  • Did I mention she’s a furry? Hah Jeez…
  • She’s ugly, she smells funny, I hate being around her, and now I’m going to marry her. Make better choices retard.
  • I guess that’s what Danni gets for keeping in touch with her ex boyfriends who are dating psycho fat furry cunts.
  • Hopefully after this you will have learned your lesson. Heather, you can make this all stop by calling 406.204.4687 and apologizing on our voicemail line.
  • Don’t troll 4chan for lonely people to call. Just saying.
  • Giving your wife aids because she won’t fuck you anymore. Well, can you blame her? Just the tip, that’s all it takes.
  • God works in mysterious ways… And if you believe that, you are retarded. This is what happens when you wait for god to take care of you. A practice I firmly believe more religious people should partake in.
  • Let’s say your husband cheated on you, and knocked up a bitch. This is how you would take care of the pregnancy. Nice work people!
  • Want to kill your child and make money at the same time? Give him some glade air freshener! Plug it in, plug it in! Oh, and did I mention he was autistic? Way to pass on those flawless genes.
  • This is why you should always pay your drug dealer. Especially if he deals cocaine. Was it worth your baby toe? Of course it was! That’s african american market prices.
  • Toss us your spare paypal change, help us pay for the skype line and our server. Also, new emo poetry ep 28 is up at thejamhole.com/youtube.
  • Don’t forget to give Heather a call. We love you!

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