Ep 280: Fear


“Yea, they fuck sheep and stuff, so…”

Today I took a stroll around the writer’s block, needing to go out for some fresh air. The air was chilly, the clouds hung in place like large cottony fluff. Don’t step on a crack, or else you break your mother’s back. I wonder what happens if you smoke it? Does her back catch on fire? Avoid walking under ladders because some how you will ruin your whole day. Further down the block I saw the sign, but it did nothing for my mind. It simply pointed out the fact that coming soon was another shit movie that some large company is going to complain about when people download it for free. They weren’t your demographic anyways. It’s better to have loved and lost than to never love at all. But what if you love dying? In that case I think it would be better to never love at all, then to love to die. We all love to lie, every three minutes, or so I’m told. Try it, in normal everyday conversation. Try not to lie. I dare you. I love you honey. See, you lied right there. You don’t really love her. You prefer being with her more than you prefer gouging your own eyes out with her tongue. We’re still getting gouged at the pump, we’re still trying to get out of that slump. How big is this block? Pay attention in school or run the fear of being ruled by some upper class prick who sucks dick for a little fuel. Times are tough, we’re getting it from all sides. Be careful out there when you choose to decide.

  • Hey have you guys seen my Ipod cable? She didn’t come home last night.
  • Fuck ramen!
  • If you guys see any chicks to fuck, send em over here.
  • The desperation is thick at the car lot. Apparently in our booming economy, the car selling business isn’t doing that hot. NO I don’t want to buy a new car. Thank you.
  • Being tired is no excuse for a mistake like this.
  • Salesmen really don’t know shit about cars. If they did they would be mechanics.
  • Have you ever heard of Steven Seagal? Yea, for the last 20 years he’s been working… As a cop!
  • Have you ever heard of a male that isn’t familiar with porn? Are there any porn virgins out there?
  • Does porn ruin sex lives? Take the poll! Porn is where I learned how to fuck chicks and not get them pregnant.
  • Watching porn is not cheating. Neither is putting my penis in other girls mouths. Duh…
  • If you don’t want to see pictures of me fucking chicks, then don’t go through all my pictures, on my computer.
  • In case you didn’t know, its THEJAMHOLE.COM. Or thejamhole.net.
  • Dana thinks snuff films are hot. Once again, do I know how to pick em or do I know how to pick em.
  • We’re going to get raped anyways, we might as well enjoy it.
  • Finally a discussion about the movie Dread. Thanks to everyone who emailed us their fears. Getting your dick chopped off, and being buried alive seem to top the list.
  • Why is my pee hole in the middle of my dick? Because my parents were into heavy metal.
  • Eating bugs because your parents suck. Could you imagine eating a cockroach?
  • The golden trifecta. These don’t happen that often. It’s like a sign from god. You killed yourself, your child, and your unborn baby at the same time. Three birds, one stone. I blame the government.
  • Even fat 66 year old church pastors got to fuck! Don’t judge him. God told him he could.
  • What’s that boy? There’s a mexican in the well? I bet if we would have found him sooner, he wouldn’t have killed himself. He probably would have survived if Steven Seagal would have taught him.
  • Soliciting sick disgusting emo child porn. You sick gothic fuck. Word is he had the biggest cyber stable this side of the Mississippi.
  • Peep the newest emo poetry episode 28 on our youtube page.

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