TJH 572: Fuck the Dough


“I just kind of woke up here.”

Wow, now that was a great episode, am I right or am I right. I’ll tell you what, for how much shit we give each other, and how awesome our lives together were, it sure was nice to have Danni back on the show. It sucks under the circumstances, with the need to pour out some liquor for our friend Chris over at Anna’s, but with each end to a life, there’s always the birth of renewed youth and vigor. I think they call it the circle of life or some shit. Either way, we’re born, we live for a quick second, and we die. That’s it. Nothing great and glorious, nothing extravagant and holy. Just a quick second to fuck the dough, or to do what we feel we need to do in the hopes that we can actually finish something somewhat meaningful and awesome before our time is up. Some people make it, others, well not so much. Make those connections while you’re still able to move around and make connections. Get out there and breathe some fresh air while you’re still able to breathe on your own. Change lives and make people smile while your own life is forever changing, and those around you, never frown. That’s what this life, this show, this weekly comedy podcast recording of our lives, which are really just art that keeps imitating life that won’t stop imitating the American Dream. That’s what working a nine to five is all about. I hope you enjoyed the speech at the beginning of the show from our good friend and mentor, Kenny Powers. Be sure to keep reading the rest of this entry for links and some fucking show notes. Thanks for listening!

Let’s welcome Danni back to the show. It’s been quite a while since we’ve done a podcast together. So, you still remember how to do this? Shit, just like riding a bicycle. If you can’t beat them, kidnap them, strap them to a chair, and turn a mic on.

Check out Jamhole TV and the new IRC chat. chat was broken ( I think it’s fixed now ), but I kinda like the IRC. What would you rather us use for live shows, or does it even matter anymore? The server is and the channel is #thejamhole.

You might have gotten tired of talking to me, because it’s me. Best Dana. Best. I think Danni just called Robby out! This might get good.

What happens when neighbors can’t mind their own business. When the fuck in normal reality is that ever ok?

Happy no pants day, coming soon to a day near you. This one is the first Friday in May, according to the Wiki.

You are the worst parents ever. Or perhaps he’s the Good Son.

Five depressing lessons you learned from Highlights Magazine.

Check out this soccer ball. It gets around.

Not nice, you used campaign money to cheat on your wife? Thatta boy John Edwards.

Get that Mr. Potato head the fuck out of here. He burned that fucking house down!

When drunk driving, it’s always best to avoid the blood alcohol test van.

Don’t look at my tits, and don’t judge me for being a slut because I’m not wearing any clothes. It’s not your fault you got raped. Happy slut walk day

Whatever happened to the occupy movement? Will it make a comeback?

Groupon finally comes out with a coupon that’s worth a shit, and people get mad. Nice.

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