TJH 574: Indiana Jones and Star Wars


“They are very fortunate to have an employer like Teletech to bring them onboard.”

Holy shit that was a great episode. Let’s all give our good friend Ian from the Hot Box a warm Jamholia welcome. This was a great show, and we hope to get Ian back on for some more Jamhole goodness. In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying the new look that is The Jamhole 3.0. Click around and explore, check out the tech shows I’m hosting over at AotA, YATS, and BOS, and please, make sure you are subscribed to the Jamhole with iTunes so you can write us a glowing review. Keep on reading for some show notes.

Like I said before, let’s welcome Ian from the Hot Box to the greatness that is Jamholia.

What do you know George Lucas for? Anything other than Star Wars? Probably not, and apparently he’s not very happy about that. Why don’t you go and remake some more of your old movies, maybe people will remember you for that instead.

MDS calls in to talk about an article in the Wall Street Journal titled The Marijuana Exception we talked about in episode 115 of the Hot Box.

Are you familiar with Teletech? Have you ever heard of Teletech Exposed? It’s a call center here in the Flathead Valley, that employs a strong majority OF the Flathead Valley. This group even has a Facebook page to unionize Teletech in Kalispell Montana! If you want to watch the video we’re talking about, it’s over here. Let’s discuss. Ian has some pretty strong feelings about this. This is the kind of gold you don’t get to hear very often on the Hot Box.

What the fuck happened to all our peers? One of these objects doesn’t belong. Where did they go so wrong? You really have no idea do you? Let’s blame marriage. Congrats to my brother, who let me know via text message, that he is now engaged. YAY!

The best reason to fake cancer ever! Well, the second best, because getting medical marijuana is probably the best. She faked cancer to get some fake titties!

Breaking in to steal some candy. At least he left a five spot. That was nice of him. People can be so amazing sometimes.

Of course your five year old can go tanning with you, because this is New Jersey. You fucking idiot. Mother of the week for sure.

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