TJH 573: Learning from Jesus


“I wish I could live like that.”

Hello and welcome to episode 573 of our quaint little comedy podcast. Robby is back to have a great arousing discussion poking fun at all the stupid ridiculous shit people do. Don’t judge, it’s how we make it through the day. I hope you are all enjoying the new look of The Jamhole version 3.0. It brings a smile to my tired eyes every time I look at it. Please as always, make sure you are subscribed to the show in iTunes, and write us a quick review. Keep on reading for links and the show notes.

Yay, the chat is finally fixed. Although no one seems to watch live podcasts anymore, or at least not ours. If you want to watch live you can catch us Monday evenings on Jamhole TV.

I had a super relaxing weekend, saw the moon, the stars and some planets. Every now and then you need to get away from the hum of technology.

Everyone is getting sick, and we blame the spores.

How do you want to die? Let us know in the comments and we’ll talk about it on the next episode. Some people I find it really hard to take seriously. If you want to gift me something from Amazon, we have a PO Box and an Amazon wish list.

I watched Chronicle, and part of Area 407. I had to turn it off about 20 minutes in because it was that terrible. I really tried to like it, I honestly did, but I simply couldn’t. But Chronicle was pretty damn cool. I wish I had super powers, so bad.

Why do some teens turn to drugs, while other’s don’t? Is our technology to blame?

I been watching this HBO show called “Girls.” Holy fucking shit. You should probably watch this show. Robby recommends the movie “The Crew.” It’s on Netflix, so you should probably go catch this one also.

The worst hog hunting accident to date. Well maybe not, but he did shoot his hog of a girlfriend. Not nice, and you know you’re never going to hear the end of this. At least he won’t get charged.

I had such high hopes for the Swiss, until this story came to… LIGHT! Aww yeah. So apparently there is a group of people out there who think they can sustain their life on solely light. A light diet if you will. Well, this lady tried, and completely failed. I blame the film In the Beginning, there was light. I hope she gets an IG. Here is another video about eating light.

Are we to blame for making life too easy?

If you are born addicted to opiates, you should ask for an abortion. If you are giving birth to these junkie babies, you should really do the world a favor, and get yourself an abortion, ASAP.

The kitteh is NOT a fan of Robby. Not at all.

What’s the deal with all our soldiers killing themselves? Hmm, do you think it might have something to do with all that PTSD going around?

Just think about these download numbers. Angry Birds Space is a pretty fun game. 50 million in 35 days? Damn.

The John Edwards saga continues… She was writing checks her man’s mistress couldn’t cash. Or wait, she could, and she DID! You spent $8,000 on what? A spiritual adviser? Oh ok, that makes perfect sense. Are we still all wondering why shit is all fucked up?

My cat is a cunt, thank you!

Thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you next week. Make sure to check out our other podcasts. We have YATS, AotA, HBP and BOS. Make sure to follow us socially and write us a review on iTunes. Talk to you next week!

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