TJH 587: Pure Libtard Evil


“What would make you feel complete?”

I bet you didn’t expect that so soon. Almost weekly and shit. Well, we were able to get Bunny back into the studio for a minute. We’re spotting, so listen up and enjoy. Pure unadulterated comedic love for your ears. Make sure you’re subscribed to the show in iTunes, so the next time we get around to doing another show, you’ll get it downloaded to your shit. Easy peezy. Here’s some notes.

Let’s welcome Bunny back to the Jamhole. She’s dipping in for just a quick hot minute, a cameo if you will. You’re welcome.

Have you ever heard of Apparently someone there posted an article I wrote from back in April 2010 about Skull Church. It was for the show notes for episode 331. Have you ever heard of PLE’s? Have you ever heard of the Prospectus? We need to get Ant’s opinion on all this nonsense, possibly on the next episode we do. I love how it’s 2012 and we still have people who think like this.

Is this Jamhole worthy? Why yes it is. Thanks for sending this in Ant. Her name is Terri Graham, a mother of two who really loves to breastfeed her pugs. Talk about maternal desires.

A real life That’s My Boy story. We get one of these about once a month. Why can’t kids learn to keep their fucking mouths shut? Respect.

People exploding and Banana Boat issues a recall. I guess you shouldn’t smoke around this sort of stuff right? You would think we would know better by now.

When’s the last time you saw a gynecologist, and what the fuck is this pug doing in here. This is a pretty crazy story, so listen up.

First he had an overdue rental van, then hit two vehicles, punched a cop in the face and topped it all off by pooping his pants. Very nice, you must be proud.

We miss Raging Clue. Hey 26, if you’re out there, let’s start that up again.

Have you ever seen videos of sex with an octopus? Weird right? What else did this guy have? Hmmm. A hoard of child and animal porn. Pigs, goats, and horses, of course.

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