TJH 592: A Fine and Pleasant Misery


“Don’t bring my testicles into it like that, they’re precious.”

The Jamhole free comedy podcast, back at it once again. Come check the live shows every Friday evening around 6 or 7 our time. We also have a new Google+ community which we make events for each episode on. Check it out. Anyway, here’s some show notes for episode 192.

So, have you ever watched Doomsday Preppers? Of course you do. What do you know about urban prepping? What do you know about bear spray? This dude took it full on IN THE FACE!

Roadhouse… I believe the guy you were thinking of is Kurt Russel. This was the movie I was thinking of.

Jamhole correction from last episode, the church sign actually says “Legalize Jesus.” I like how I said it better.

Doing our part in letting you know who’s getting their ass kicked this winter, Boston reports power outages for thousands.

Check this out, the city of Vaughan has deleted their Twitter account. Apology en route.

Here we have a mobile home without adequate working toilets, and about 300 dead rats. Good stuff.

It’s almost Valentines day, who’s fucking excited for this shit? Her name is Melissa. His name is James. I dare any couple to beat this gift.

Check out this awesome picture I posted on Pinterest making fun of religion.

Duncan, tell me about your shitty day. But first let me curse Bobdeep and DjAzetek on Ingress for blowing up some of my resonators during a fucking show. Ok, now tell me about your dicks night Duncan. Why do people have to steal shit like that?

Dude, where’s your truck?

Speaking of being a total drunk, check out this Russian monument to vodka that has fallen like the wall.

Check out this skater who supposedly hits 68 mph to set off a speed camera. This dude is hauling ass.

If you need a job and times are tough, you can’t be picky. It’s the oldest profession in the book. God bless Germany, and nowhere else.

In other German news, check out this well connected network of dumpster divers. Not for social engineering, but TO EAT.

I dare you to write a porno. I bet we could write a pretty sweet porno. Check out the story here. This is probably going to get a bit dirty.

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