TJH 602: Left in the Wind


“We’re going to discuss the geopolitical issues that face our country today.”

Episode 602 of your favorite comedy podcast, The Jamhole coming all over your face hole. That’s right, so listen up. Oh and for those who read the show notes and want a little inside info, Kdog and myself will be flying to Las Vegas for Defcon August 1st through the 4th. So if you live there, or want to meet up there, get a hold of us. The best way with current technology is the Google+ community. It’s our forums now, so check it out. Anyway, thanks to MDS for this great idea, we hope to see as many of you as we can during this nerdathon hackfest. We’re very excited. Denver would have been cool, but because of where we live, the plane tickets to get there are completely out of hand. It’s much cheaper to fly to Vegas, so that’s what we’re doing instead. Definitely still check out the Uhh Yeah Dude live show in Denver on June 8th, but more importantly, join Kdog, MDS and I in Vegas for Defcon August 1st. Oh yeah, read these show notes.

Make sure to join us every Friday on Jamhole TV. It’s the weekly live show. You can also give us a call during the show at 406-204-4687.

Let’s read a little listener email. I always enjoy when we get shit to read. Is ibogaine worth it? It all depends on what you’re doing it for. Send us email at

Remember the post card thing? If you enjoy the show and haven’t already, send us a postcard to the PO Box. Don’t ask why, just do it.

So yeah, like I mentioned in the intro, we’re not financially up enough to get plane tickets to Denver on June 8th for the UYD live show. Still, definitely go see them if you can, unfortunately we won’t be able to join you.

Pour out a little liquor for co founder and guitarist of Slayer, Jeff Hanneman.

Can you even begin to fucking imagine a six story rubber duck? You can now. Thank you Hong Kong!

Duncan has some more truth for The Truth aka Eddie from the Am I Bugging You? podcast. If you want to know what started this, you can hear Duncan’s voice mail on episode 65 of AIBU. I don’t know, you can probably just fast forward this bullshit. Unless you want to hear the facts. These are the facts.

This is the best psychologist ever. Felix will actually make your tits bigger through hypnosis. I know right? Check this shit out. This is definitely a better scam than me being a pet psychic.

Speaking of bombs, here’s a story about trailer park bomb. Shit, that’s the best kind.

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