TJH 603: Entitled Little Cunt


“Don’t look now, but there’s a black dude.”

Let’s hear it for another week of life ending with another episode of the Jamhole. If you didn’t know, we’re doing Live shows on Friday, with the podcast usually posted on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how nice my mood is. That’s the swing of things around here lately, but you already knew that, because you listen to the show, and you hang out with us on Google+ or Facebook. Did I mention we’re going to Las Vegas for Defcon this year? Fuck yes. That is all, now read some notes.

We basically live in the middle of a junkyard. I have no idea why we started talking about this on the show, I’m an idiot. We get it Puffer, you got a new truck… Sort of. And I need to get my own vehicle soon. Fuck.

I finally finished paying off my hip hop albums. You check out Escape Goats and The Blame EP on the Jamhole Music page. After you listen and love it, donate me some cash to help recoup the ridiculous amount of money I spent on it.

Listen here Puffer, I still say buying a house is stupid. Fuck your tax incentives.

Have you seen this? We have some new roommates. They are large and black. They are ants. I relate this to Game of Thrones somehow.

When you talk shit about one service, sometimes another service breaks. That’s just how life goes. You’re welcome.

Have you ever seen the show Vice? I feel like we talked about this before, but I can’t find it in the previous show notes, so who knows. Anyway, this show really brings to light how the rest of the world is so completely FUCKED. Did you know Puffer has been to third world countries? I did not. This should be interesting.

Speaking of TV, are you on Trakt? I am, and you can check out what we’re watching here. It’s like Miso, but way better.

Here’s a quick update on Duncan’s personal life. Yeah, she’s in jail now.

Who’s ready to party with me, Kdog and MDS in Las Vegas August 1st for Defcon? Yes, it’s happening, so if you can make it to Vegas, come join us. Huge thanks to MDS for getting us ticks to Defcon! This is going to be so much fun.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Let’s hear it for mothers. Yay. So hey mom, we’re going to Hooters! They are having this wicked awesome Mother’s day deal going on. Mother’s day free food from Hooters is a total fail. Pretty sure.

Hey Puffer, what was your 18th birthday like? Are you drunk? Are you high? Maybe… Also, tell me about the fight you got into last week. This is fucking brilliant. You wanna go? It was a short left followed by a long right, and that was that.

If you are a rapper in Massachusetts, you can’t put profanity on your headstone. I’m sure this holds true for everywhere. Not even bitches. This reminds Puffer of Hustle and Flow. We should do a movie night.

Are you familiar with spear guns? Check this shit out, right through the fucking mouth. Here’s a closer look of the picture. Is this for real?

Listen up peeps. Stop naming your kids stupid shit. It’s fucking retarded. Here’s an article about it.

Speaking of names, Puffer Puffer Puffer. Did I say his name enough in these notes? Duncan is Puffer, his name is Duncan Puffer, we’re going to call him Puffer like everyone else.

Listen here bitch.

Oh, and thanks to Rachel for reminding us to do some FML. So let’s end the show with that, after we talk about Puffer fighting his father.

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