TJH 604: Sneaky Nuts


“You’re drunk, I’m not, I’m doing you a favor.”

Guess what? That’s right, another episode of this shit. Yay for that. You might notice something a little different on this episode. If you can point out what that is, you are a focused listener. A borderline Jamholian if you will. The world is amazing and shit at the same time, and you’re riding the wave all the way to hell. Be afraid, be very afraid. Also read these notes. Did I mention we’re going to Defcon in August? You should join us, and join the Google+ community. 604 episodes? Seriously.

I’m just going to say that for the first part of the show, it was personal. That’s just how it goes. I’m just happy to have someone who might be a bigger trainwreck than myself. It’s good to have some competition. Oh and guess who got their kid back? For now…

I’m totally kidding. Although you might now know it from listening to this, he is the best dad ever. Don’t ask me how I know this. I just do.

How was your day at work?

Funny enough, Puffer doesn’t know this guy. I know, you would think that all people from Idaho knew each other. I guess not. Anyway, this dude tried to steal a monkey, got bit then stomped the monkey to death. Damn that’s cold. Hey Idaho, you have a stupid speed limit.

What would you say is the worst city for dogs biting the post man? It’s L.A. Duh?

What do you know about the meter maid? What do you know about the gang that’s picking on the meter maid? This is pretty awesome, nice job New Hampshire. Fear the Free State Project, who is now getting sued by the city.

Notice how drunk Puffer is by this time. Just thought I would point that out if you didn’t already notice. I apologize for his coughing fits. I think he might be dying.

The Spanish word for delivery, according to Google, is entrega.

How long does it take to dribble a soccer ball from Seattle to Brazil? I guess now we’ll never know.

This was the worst story ever. Stop sending in stupid stories.

Lesson learned. If you are a politician, don’t touch Facebook. Another meme is born. It’s called Sneaky Nuts. Sounds like some gay shit Tosh.0 would tell the internet to do. Be careful who you listen to internet.

Is this really art? I think it’s called being a voyeur. You are a peeping tom, and you made an art exhibition out of it. Nice work.

In more stupid people news, you don’t go through the drive through of the place you just stole a car from.

If you go to rescue a cat stuck in a tree. Make sure you are up to the task. This guy should probably move now.

Reckless driving. Because I was fleeing zombies. I’m sorry, that was a lie. A terrible, terrible lie. Zombies anyone? Did you know I recorded a zombie track? Check it out here on Google Play and Google Play All Access. Or I guess you can just have it here on for free on Soundcloud with the lyrics!

Remember the punch in the face dot com idea? Let’s revisit that now. Then some FML, and we’re out. And you KNOW I have a sensitive anus!

Thanks for listening!

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