TJH 605: Blue Suede Science


“Let me just lay the foundation of what I’m gonna explain to you.”

Welcome to another great episode of our weekly comedy podcast, the Jamhole. I really dig how we just sit back and watch the weeks go by episode to episode, checking in to see exactly what we’ve missed since we last spoke with you all. Did you guys catch the new Arrested Development on Netflix? Very good. I can’t watch it yet because Kdog has never seen the show. So we’re starting with episode 1 Season 1 and working our back through them. It’s a good thing we have a nice three day weekend. Anyway, here’s some notes. Hope you enjoy them.

Sports are simply a distraction, a well funded distraction. Puffer disagrees. What do you think? Personally I think we should be paying our teachers a little more than our sports stars, but I get that people don’t really care about that, they care about what “their” sports teams are doing.

Did you guys see this? Kdog shares with us a local GMO march. Stop protesting food. If you want to protest Monsanto, that’s fine, but don’t say that all GMO is bad. Because everything you eat is GMO.

Duncan, it’s called Climate Change. Please stop calling it global warming. This is going to be good. Puffer doesn’t believe in climate change. Here we go again. Yes, humans do have something to do with climate change. Puffer says our studies are garbage. I’m sorry, but the scientists do agree. You are completely wrong Puffer.

I can’t wait for next week when Puffer brings his anti climate change evidence.

If people could get over the weird problem we have with eating bugs, starvation would be a thing of the past. You should read Mary Roach’s book Gulp. It’s very interesting. Anyway, Thailand is trying to get people to eat bugs.

Ooh, a live caller. Did you know you can call live at 406-204-4687. Do it next Friday.

Here’s an interesting study about the suicide contagion. Did you ever know anyone who has killed themselves? This turns a bit dark for a minute.

Puffer found an interesting story involving the American Idol finale. Yeah, a stabbing ensued. This is your demographic.

In the DUH study of the week, did you know that sleepy teens behind the wheel are causing crashes? I’m surprised the Times isn’t on this.

This is kind of old, but that’s why you shouldn’t post articles on the Facebook page. Use the Google+ community or email that shit to Thanks. Anyway, this priest made kids lick cream off his legs. Weird right?

Let’s end the show with some Fuck My Life and call it a week. Thanks for listening!

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