TJH 606: Beneath the Toilet


“You have scraped enough.”

Comedy podcast. That’s what we do here. I’m going to make this short and sweet since it’s Sunday when I’m writing this and the sun looks like it might come out. I don’t want to be inside fucking with this shit all day, so here it goes. We went to a birthday party yesterday. It was Puffer and my friend, who’s turning 33. Long story short, and you can be sure I’ll mention some choice highlights on episode 607, Puffer got wasted, tried to get me wasted, then spent the rest of the time trying to start shit with me. Not start shit like I’m going to fight you, but the kind of start shit a little brother does to a bigger, older, much wiser brother. It was a good time, but fuck man, this guy might very well need an intervention for some drinking shit. Ok, that’s it for now, here’s some notes.

Do you remember back in the day when I used to really bitch about stickers on the jugs? Yeah, I’m much more stable now.

Because we are having some technical difficulties with the vape, let me sum up my side of the climate change argument with this audio clip. Kdog posted this in the Jamhole G+ community. Join up and hang out with us. You can see the full video from Steve Chives here.

Here’s a quick Monsanto type correction from last week. Apparently they weren’t marching against GMO in general, just Monsanto, which is ok. Everyone should march against Monsanto, but realize we need GMO’s to survive and feed everyone.

Chinese tourists are the fucking worst. Here’s proof. If you are a tourist, don’t be an asshole. Especially if you come here to Montana. Puffer shares with us a story from his travels in the Amazon.

Speaking of China, did you guys see this story about a baby boy that was found in the sewer? My question is, was it born in the toilet, or born somewhere else, then flushed down the toilet at a later date… We may never know.

Are you familiar with Gopher Wood? Check out more news about this stupid Creation Museum in Kentucky. I’m sorry, but you can believe in the Bible all you want, but you can’t really interpret it literally, which is what these idiots are trying to do. What do you think the Ten Plagues ride would entail? Drop us a comment or post in the Google+ community.

I’m not sure what is up with “slacklining” but I’ve been seeing it around here more and more. Hippy kids walking a line between two trees. Poor bored children. This Austrian guy used to study particle physics, but now he’s walking the slackline across these buildings.

Check out this nice tempura-battered fried Tarantula being served up at the third annual Bug-A-Thon. I think getting people ok with eating bugs is all in the presentation. Problem solved. Puffer relates this to being at the testicle festival, and eating balls.

Ok, let’s do some FML and call it an episode. Thanks!

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