TJH 608: Eye Chlamydia


“Today we are in a hurry.”

It’s Friday, you ain’t got shit to do tomorrow. That’s right, episode 608 of the Jamhole comedy podcast right here, right now. Thanks for checking out another one. Make sure to check out the Google+ community throughout the week and if you want some free hip hop, there’s over 40 tracks over on the Jamhole music page. I made that shit! Go listen, then love it and donate money because you love it. Feed us!

How was your day at work? Check out this new game we like to play. It’s called the phone call game. Work is getting really monotonous, it must almost be time for vacation.

Happy fathers day. This was my fathers day post. This was the picture. Damn, who’s that fat kid?

Check out this awesome road rage video. Old people seriously do not give a fuck. I can’t wait to get old. I mean, I don’t really give a fuck now, but just imagine how much less of a fuck I would give being old. Yea.

Did you know July is Ex Gay pride month? We should probably establish what Ex gay pride means. People should also be more tolerant of the ex gays. We tried to call the Voice of the Voiceless, but alas, they had no voice.

Did I mention we are going to Defcon in Vegas August 1st through the 4th. You should join us there, because it will be awesome.

Now that we have this thing called Google, it’s always a good idea to Google the name of the person you are going on a date with. Just in case, you never know. There are some crazy stupid people out there, and you can really avoid a problem. Like this lady didn’t. This story gets really convoluted, you should listen closely.

Did you know in Indonesia, there is a real thing called the professional hitchhiker? We should start something like this here. Shit gets crazy real in Jakarta. You definitely want to make sure you have your personal professional hitchhiker.

This is the In Living Color reference I was trying to make. Funky Finger Productions. Best skit ever.

So I was thinking of using an actual rapper pen name, and since I live in Montana, I was going to rap under the name North. Well, not anymore. Also, what the fuck is up with this shit? What the fuck kind of society do we live in when Kanye names his baby North, and that’s news? Just end it all now. Wake up America, the new Kanye album is complete garbage, and naming your child North West isn’t clever, it’s just stupid. You make me even want to change my Ingress agent name.

Did you know some people have a fetish about licking or getting the eyeball licked? Yeah, it’s in Japan right now, go figure. Oh right, and this can make you really sick. Send us your pictures of eyeball licking. Thank you. It’s also called worming, if that helps. The real name is oculolinctus, and you can get eye chlamydia from it.

Hoe, bring me the toes.

Can you get charged with rape if you are married? That’s a weird question. What do you use Craigslist for? Here’s something you might not thought to have looked for. Idaho man who used Craigslist to solicit wife’s rape pleads guilty. Best Craigslist prank ever.

According to Americans, what would you say is the most sexy nationality? Guys and girls, check it out here on the Jamhole Google+ community.

Let’s do some FML and get the fuck out of here.

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