TJH 826: The Ultimate Rebound


Today on episode 826 of the Jamhole we discuss feds and nazis and how to tell the difference, getting ate up by your own dogs in Compton, joy riding a backhoe, and so much more.

Also be sure to stick around until the very end for a 20 minute special which puts two media moguls head to head in a bit called Master Journalist.

TJH 642: Dick Drive


“I see some people that like to mock and ridicule.” Back again after work every Friday, this is the Jamhole. We have a fantastic show for you this time around, so make sure to listen up and interact. This is no bullshit. Now, an excerpt from some of the latest rhymes I’ve been writing. Find…… Continue reading TJH 642: Dick Drive

TJH 608: Eye Chlamydia


“Today we are in a hurry.” It’s Friday, you ain’t got shit to do tomorrow. That’s right, episode 608 of the Jamhole comedy podcast right here, right now. Thanks for checking out another one. Make sure to check out the Google+ community throughout the week and if you want some free hip hop, there’s over…… Continue reading TJH 608: Eye Chlamydia