TJH 610: Character Assassination


“Look at my dog, look at how it listens to me, and when it doesn’t, I punch it, and then it listens to me.”

Another late episode of our weekly talk shit, the Jamhole. It’s a good thing time doesn’t matter on the internet. Unless you’ve been listening live on Friday evenings, you have no idea what’s been going on. I feel like it’s our job to keep you informed on the important bullshit. No bullshit. Here’s what we talked about this week.

What do you know about kidnapping? This is a lesson in life.

We should all help out and take Puffer’s psych evaluation for him. How bad do you want your kids back?

If you aren’t rich enough to have your own boats or jet skis, it’s always good to be friends with people who are, or whose parents are.

In our recurring bit Distracted Driving, we discuss a couple of local accidents. Both fatal.

What the fuck is up with people keeping other people hostage inside their homes for extended periods of time? That is such a weird thing. The latest one I read about was in Ohio. So, what do you know about Stockholm Syndrome?

So is Snowden a traitor or a hero / whistleblower? There was an interesting discussion on my Facebook post about this video. Because you can’t link to posts in Facebook like you can on Google+, just find it, if not whatever. But yea, here’s the article about not using Facebook, and Russia looking at buying some typewriters.

Sup bro. This is exactly how our congress should start handling shit.

People are such dog weirdos. Playing fetch with your dog on the fourth of July is cool, unless you’re using a firework. That is not cool.

Have you ever jerked off while driving? Sure you have, but were you driving a bus load of people like this boss was? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I guess you gotta pass the time somehow. You should never jerk and drive.

When working near these industrial shredders, you should always take good care not to fall in. Go Texas.

See, getting paid to have sex is not all the glitz and glamour you think it would be. Also, be careful what you are texting to other people. That shit can, and will be used against you. Also, Texas is giving Florida a run for it’s money in the our most fucked up state category.

When you want to get a girls attention, I’ve always read the best way to do that is to throw your semen on them as you walk by. Worked for this dude, sort of.

Thanks to Climate Change, we can start finding all this cool lost treasure. Exhibit A, secrets of a lost military plane.

When god wants to smite a baby, he should probably try harder. The only super power your child is going to have now, is autism. Good luck!

If you live in Lithuania, you will hopefully be able to soon gauge the happiness level of the capital. Answering the age old question, how are you? You are at a three, what would it take to be a ten?

Time for some FML, then we’re out of here. Thanks for checking out the show!

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