TJH 611: Tourist Tags


“My penis hurts, I want some sympathy.”

Peep this game. Episode 611 of this ridiculous talk show we call the Jamhole. Peep this game. Recreate this deep understanding of pain. Germinate the seeds of belief without the dirt and watered down creep introspection of going insane. Think about it. Dream about it. Weep about it while you sweep around it, under the carpet deeply shrouded, wounded under the armpit of these weak surroundings. Rooted in the firmament until they’ve proven disillusionment, complete intruder shit when you refuse to keep the future lit. I need to keep the past moving passed and groove with the present in the present and present the future with an honest understanding of what it takes get deep. As this moth flies at my computer back lit eyes I ask you again to recognize and Peep… This… Game… Thank you. Next up, some show notes.

Hopefully by now I should have all the episodes all caught up. Getting shit ready for this Friday, when you can join us for the live show on Jamhole TV. Follow us on any of the major social networks.

If you have children, you should probably teach them to look both ways. Just saying, a little parenting might go a long way in preventing your stupid child from walking out into traffic and getting hit by a truck.

In a new bit called Distracted Driving… Let’s just say we can’t wait for the snow to come back so all these stupid fucking people go the fuck home.

Detroit is now officially bankrupt, except that it’s not. Because your bankruptcy was unconstitutional. We’ll see what happens. It’s sad Detroit, you used to be the shit. I blame OCP. Puffer blames the Democrats. I blame the Democracy.

This is the part of the show where Puffer calls me a fucking liberal.

All of our listeners should have gotten in on this contest. You guys would have definitely won. Wait, what am I saying? Sometimes you get the hammer, and sometimes you get the nail.

If you go to Peru, be careful you don’t end up with maggots in your brains like this lady did.

Nice job in out red necking us Colorado. This town in Colorado wants to give you a license to shoot down drones. Not quite sure how many drones there are flying above Deer Trail, but if you see one, you might be able to get paid to shoot that son of a bitch down.

This just seems like pure bullshit irony. But who knows, I’ve never been to Dubai. Who is even trying to lose weight there? I thought everyone was poor and starving and living off the rich’s trash.

Florida taking the title back for our most fucked up state. This dude attacked his roommate with a machete because he changed the radio station. Awesome. Your move Texas.

Is sexual addiction really an addiction? Or do you just like to fuck all the time.

Let’s do some FML and get the fuck up out of here. Thanks for checking out the show.

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