TJH 619: Longer Lasting Lashes


“Asshole, now pull it out of my cunt and ask to put it in my asshole.”

Time for another fantastic episode of our weekly comedy shit show, the Jamhole. Make sure to join us live on most Fridays at Jamhole TV. Did I mention it’s absolutely free? Ad free that is, and as always, we don’t charge for this shit. I mean let’s be honest, would you pay for it if we did? I sure as shit wouldn’t. Oh yea, did I mention it’s almost my birthday? That’s right, I’m going to be 33 next week so be sure to send me some love via Paypal or the Jamhole PO Box. Now, without further ado, I present to you, the show notes! Thanks for checking out episode 619!

Guess who’s back in jail? That’s right. You would think after everything you’ve been through, you would have gotten your shit together better by now. Or at least pretend to. But nope.

Yea, that’s fine, go tow your shitty fucking trailer with my work truck. No, it’s totally fine. At least it’s not as dingy as that other trailer you had up on blocks in your front yard.

We had a great trip to the Missoula campus for some Ingress. Check out the full SITREP here or do a search on Google+ for Campus Cornhole. You can also find it on my Google+ page.

Hey Robby, let’d do some role playing. How would you approach asking a girl for anal?

We have a study here showing that the younger generation is all about the rape. Well, when you gotta get yours, you gotta get yours, am I right or am I right?

Poor Puffer, can’t keep up with his girlfriend’s sex drive. I couldn’t even imagine what that must be like for him. Suck it up pussy!


Check out this awesome picture article on the Atlantic entitled, “Adventures of a Serial Trespasser.” This would be the best job ever! Sign me up.

Oh look honey, another miracle. I mean freak of nature. This is what happens when you try to create the X-Men. The proverbial oops.

You should all go over to and do exactly what the name says. Get wasted, and call your Congress Critter. Talk about the largest waste of resources EVER. There’s also an article about it here on Time.


If you were salmonella, and you wanted to do the most damage in a gross ass outbreak, when would you strike? Right now! Just like Method Man and Redman said, you fuck around with these chicken heads, you’re bound to catch Salmonella. Watch out for Foster Farms. The count is 317 as of writing this.


Have you ever heard of Krokodil? It’s from Russia and it’s making it’ way here. This is what happens when cartels make cheap heroin using Codeine and lighter fluid, then sell it under the guise of heroin. Be safe out there travelers. If injected, this stuff reportedly causes the skin to become yellow and hard, before developing lesions and falling off. Gross right?

In a Jamhole update, let’s talk about giant killer hornets again. This time the locals are taking the fight to the hornet nests, destroying more than 4,500 nests across the region. This shit is simply out of control.


The average American male has completely let himself go. Talk about living large. Let’s get our shit together America. You fat fucking fucks. We’re getting shorter and fatter on average.

Here’s another Jamhole update for y’all. Remember Deer Trail Colorado? They wanted to hand out permits to shoot down drones. Apparently they are pushing back the vote to December 10th. Good luck!

So was god busy at the time your church bus blew a tire and exploded into the fiery flames reminiscent of hell? Do you feel that? It’s called irony.

Out of all the things to get your dick stuck in, a toaster? Seriously? I’m curious how the fuck this happens. Like, do you wake up and think to yourself, self, I think today is a good day to stick my dick in the toaster. At least it didn’t happen here. Nice job London.


Just when you thought it was safe to dance naked…. Can you even begin to imagine getting the fuck lashed out of you over 500 times. Talk about lashing out! This is what happens when you let religious powers make laws. You get stupid fucking laws, and outrageous consequences.

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