TJH 621: Institutional Hazing


“Take the Vespa out and go sell these dime bags.”

Welcome back to another episode of The Jamhole. Thanks for checking out the show. Time is short, not just for me, but for all of us, so I’m not going to waste anytime on these show notes. I would like to say that because I’m an improperly motivated slacker, I’m posting this on Halloween. I know, it was recorded back on the 25th, but hey, that’s life. So, in regards to Halloween, I would just like to say this. Get your slut on. Reach deep inside yourself, find that little slut, and let it out. Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter, because tonight is all Hallow’s Eve. The night of the slut. Come out and play, just for an evening, then put the kiddies to bed and get your grind on. Slutty nurses, slutty witches, slutty Breaking Bad characters, it doesn’t matter. Dress that slut up to the tees, and walk around town like you own the place. Because for one night, you do. That is all.

If you are an educator, how the fuck do you deal with other people’s kids when they are acting like complete monsters. Not the cute fuzzy monsters from Monsters Inc, or Monsters University, but the terrible disgusting uncanny valley monsters that haunt all of our dreams. Some people’s children.

Ian and I brought the Hot Box back! Check out all the new episodes each week over on the Hot Box podcast site.

Speaking of tantrum rodeos, check this shit out. This dad knows exactly what to do when your child won’t stop throwing a screaming bitch ass hissy fit.

Are you familiar with Donate or I eat the rabbit? I was not until Robby brought it up. Dude got like $50,000 for this shit. I doubt it would work in the modern times we now live in, but you never know.

It’s Halloween, check out this gross study about what you might find in those masks we all love to wear.

We all act, all the time. Don’t try to fight it. There is no true self.

It sounds like Robby wants to run off to clown college. Sure, this will end just fine.

I hate it when the dog eats the stash. Not as bad as this lady, who stabbed her boyfriend or something, because his dog ate the weed. Of course it’s from Florida. Of course.

What could you expect to find when you raid a self made drug kingpin’s house? All sorts of fun stuff, including pit bulls! God bless Detroit.

Good luck to all the female drivers over in the amazing paradise that is Saudi Arabia. It’s not a kingdom, it’s a barren desert shithole. But it’s your barren desert shithole.

Check out Taylor Mali and the Like, You Know poem here.

People don’t give a shit about their jobs. Some people deal with this more than others. Check out these great excuses as to why some people can’t make it to work.

Being a mortician would be the best job ever. Especially being a corrupt mad money making mortician like these Italian guys were. They were, until they got busted.

The best job ever? A pie in the face person tracker.

Oh, and this girl hung herself because her parents wouldn’t let her on Facebook. Is Facebook so bad?

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