TJH 622: Night of the Living Sluts


“Rat race? I don’t know what that is, we just fucking chill and smoke weed here.”

Back with another episode of our weekly comedy show, The Jamhole. Puffer is back, Robby is back, and of course, I’m Mat Lee, and I’m back. I’m also a little behind getting these shows posted, but such is life. We’ve been heeding the warnings from Game of Thrones. Winter is coming? Fuck that shit, winter is here, and she’s a cold hearted bitch. Stay warm out there, and remember, you probably suck at driving, so let’s try and not be distracted killers out on the road. You’re loved ones use that same road. Anyway, here’s some show notes.

We got a message from our friend in Alaska AK Jeremy. Sometimes there’s simply too many episodes and people just don’t have the time to catch up. So in case you stopped listening to the show when Danni and I broke up, here’s what you may have missed. If you want to leave us a message, call 406.204.4687. Let’s try and keep them under a couple minutes, because I don’t have the attention span to listen to anything longer.

Let’s get Puffer caught up with what he missed on the last couple episodes of the Jamhole.

So how was your day at work?

Who’s ready for some distracted driving? In today’s distracted driving bit, we talk about a four car shit show wreck south of Somers caused by a distracted driver which sent several people to the hospital. Check out the article here.

How was your Halloween? What a fucking joke of a holiday. Is it even considered a holiday? Let your inner slut shine!

Because the obesity epidemic in America is getting completely out of control, this lady in North Dakota named Cheryl told a local radio station that on Halloween, she will give children she considers obese a sternly worded letter for their parents along with candy. I’m willing to bet that obese kids are more times than not, raised by fat obese parents. It’s a vicious cycle.

If you are going to run into some dudes house yelling about zombies, you should probably expect a headshot. Especially if those homeowners are watching The Walking Dead and playing Dead Trigger 2.

I wish I would have thought about this first. Apparently people are making BANK selling other people silly superstitious shit like virtual voodoo dolls, revenge spells and otherwise haunted items. If you give me $138,000, I will cleanse the demons that are haunting you. Whenever I hear stories like this, I think of the Ghost Hunter South Park episode. Such a classic.

Speaking of money making schemes, this Colombian woman had it all figured out, until she got tattled on. She was literally pimping that ass out. Well, that vagina anyway. That sweet sweet virgin vag. I think you could have gotten a little more than $200 a pop. But hey, that would be greedy.

Society has gotten so fucked up, we’re all going to be working until we die. We have angered the economy. We all live paycheck to paycheck. Who’s saving money? Fuck that, we’re just trying to pay some fucking bills.

The next time you call Puffer while he’s doing the show like you did on this episode, we’re going to call you on the show, and probably give your phone number out, so all the Jamholians can call you as well. You’ve been warned. You know who you are, and you’ve been given way more chances than you ever deserve.

Robby has a kidney for sale if the price is right.

If you find a tooth inside a Snickers bar, you should really make sure it’s not your tooth before you make a huge deal out of it.

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