TJH 623: Civil Rights


“I’m Christian, and I vote.”

Welcome back to another exciting episode of our weekly comedy show, The Jamhole. If you listen, you’re a fan, but if you interact, we would consider you a Jamholian. Glad to have you, even more glad to have you tell all your friends. Let’s get this party started right. I should also mention, if you like tech or use Android, we got you covered. Check out Attack of the Androids and Yet Another Tech Show live Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Now, here’s some notes.

How far is too far? We put it to the test. Step into my office, because you’re fucking fired.

Possibly the most smug thing I’ve ever seen, in my LIFE!

Let’s all pour out a little liquor for Blockbuster Video. They have closed, so if you have any late fees, don’t worry about it.

Let’s talk about New Mexico for a quick minute. What’s up with your police force and anal probes? What exactly are you looking for, UFO’s and shit? Or just shit? Ain’t nothing routine about that traffic stop.

I have no idea what to say about this. I present to you, bird boy. This is some seriously weird Hitchcock shit, or a very elaborate scam.

Why would you ever get a job or have a home when you can live in presidential suites? I honestly have no idea. Life is rough.

Robby, why are you sleeping in a bed that isn’t yours?

This bad ass 100 year old went skydiving. What did you do today?

Stop ripping off the women of the world. They just want to look sexy and shit so they don’t get beat by their testosterone crazed under sexed lunatics.

Psychics are pissed off because they say soothsaying laws are unfair to believers. Holy fucking shit. Check out the story here because Puffer has to go. Thanks for listening!

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