TJH 636: Groveling


“You can’t arrest crazy.”

Thanks for checking out the show, this one is number 636. It’s odd, it went from like neg 30 to 50 degrees positive in a few days. We had like three feet of snow, now it’s just a giant puddle. Spring must really be here. Take a listen to the episode and follow along with the show notes. We’ll talk to you next Friday.

Try as we might, something always seems to happen when we try to go snowmobile. This time, the weather sucked and of course, we snap the pull cord on my sled. At least we kept our spirits high. What a fucking shit show.

I blame the Russians for this shit. Some people are just crabby patties. If you can’t blame Obama, then blame the fucking Russians.

Apparently someone got pissed off and decided to fuck up the abortion clinic. These people are doing god’s work, and this is the thanks they get? Check out the article here. You should have changed your shoes.


The chick in Ghostbusters II predicted the end of the world will be February 14th 2016. Get ready!

Listen to how excited Robby is over this “Hoverboard.” It’s ok, you aren’t the only one who got fooled by this shit. All you had to do was Google. Check out the article on Slate.


Some people just aren’t fit to be parents. Take this lady for example. She tried to kill her kids by driving them into the ocean. Brilliant. This is the damage religion can do. Check out the article here.

This is why you shouldn’t pre pay your bills. You might die then no one will find you for years. Just like this lady. Check out the article here.

So much better than Bum Fights.
So much better than Bum Fights.

If you bully, you will probably be bullied. By the kids mommy. Florida, you are the best. Check out the article here.

If you were going to sell drugs, strippers would be the best way to sell them. I mean fuck, just ask this DEA agent. Of course meth was involved. Check out the article here.


If you out someone who watches porn, you had best make sure you don’t get outed for your porn. Facial Abuse? Nice. Note the letter they wrote. It was simply perfect. Check out the article here.

Yes, sometimes I fall down. I’m not always as graceful as you think I am.

We have an idea for a video. So you should donate money. If not we’ll just continue talking about our videos, but we’ll never make them. The first is Snowmobiling 101. This is so much more funny than he makes it sound. Trust me.

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