TJH 637: For a Fee


“You got me hooked bad.”

It ain’t no game if it ain’t good game. That’s straight out the pimp’s mouth. That pimp’s name? Good Game. What’s been good lately? The snow, but only if you have a toy that makes it worthwhile, otherwise you live out the winter a depressed pile of sadness. Take some vitamin D and do the summer dance, because shit’s about to get all cleared up. This thing? It’s called the Jamhole, and these are the show notes.

Robby got himself a snowmobile finally. I blame Puffer for this shit. Of course he had to write a research paper, so he couldn’t come ride this weekend. Trust, we rode all fucking weekend. I’m sure we’ll tell you all about it on Friday.

Puffer is leaving. We’re probably going to need another co host for this piece of shit. Either that or I’m going to retire it. It’s pretty much served it’s purpose.

Snowmobiling is like being addicted to drugs. You even get the same dreams. Weird.


Do you guys remember Odie? He went on the cruise with me way back when. Anyway, he’s got leukemia, and as you all probably know, that shit is expensive. Here’s the Facebook event page for the leukemia benefit. We love you Odie!


Don’t worry about that lost Boeing 777, because Malaysian officials are bringing in the king of the witch doctors. Watch the fuck out, because he’s going to do a ritual and find that plane.

Meet the most connected man in the world. I think analytics and shit are cool, but this is a little ridiculous.

When trying to kill yourself, it’s always good to first save the person who tried to kill themselves before you.


Another two headed gift from god, to the great people of India. This time it’s a two headed baby. Last time it was a cow, if I remember correctly. Conjoined twins are the best.

Just picture the look on this lady’s face when she found the python with her dog’s chain hanging out of it’s mouth, like a boss. This story is the best.


Puffer’s dream come true. It’s a large beer bath. Personally I think that’s pretty gross, because beer is gross.

So I found this awesome thing called Natural Life. It’s a directory of crazy fucking shit. We’re going to try and call a few of them next episode. Who should we call?

Don’t fuck the farmer’s daughter. Because if he catches you, she will throw you under the bus, and you will get shot.


I love this story. It’s about Liz Dickson, and how she got a golf club to the ass at a photoshoot gone wrong. Or right, depending on how you look at it.

Does anyone read the show notes? Because if not, it would save me a hell of a lot of time if I didn’t write them. This is for your benefit, not mine. Let me know!

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