TJH 638: Maximum Head Room


“I’m not rationalizing his rape…”

Better than ever another episode of that clever and cleverer rendered strictly for your indentured pleasure receptors. Those pesky idea inventors with spiney endeavors for finding the center of the first nine descendants of measure. Is that yours spinning on a tic tac tour of not winning or losing or even playing the game with a loosely defined key for slaying the shame. Fuck with this knitting the rain into a fitted beret leather fatigues ready to spread that disease of blood letting from your head to your knees down to root of the seeds. Fuck it. Here’s some show notes.

Robby is back with us after a couple of weeks off. He done fell out son, but at least he passed. Falling out seems to be a familiar sight lately.

Tell me about your premonition.


In other news, we had a fantastic time riding. Check out the pictures and video here on me ol Google+.

Apparently “touch therapy” is a thing in Ohio, or at least it was until someone probably got the bad touch. Thanks for sending that in Jim!

Remember last episode we mentioned the vandalism at the local woman health place. Check out the update here by Justin Franz on the Flathead Beacon.


This is pretty much the most legit defense you could possibly have. I mean just look at how good looking he is. Check out the hard hitting report by Charlotte Alter here on Time.


Apparently this is what a computer thinks the average drug user looks like. Go home computer, you’re drunk. Check out the stupid article here.


The best platform to run under. Or on. Or in. This guy named Luke Dzierzanowski ran for student government at SDSU on a platform of bikinis, cigars and silence. I’m pretty much down with that. Also another stupid article. We really need to get someone in here to vet these.

People name their pets and their kids stupidly. Here’s proof. Thank you Yahoo!

Not sure what the fuck is going on over in Boston, but they are having a problem with keeping people from overdosing on drugs… In the courtroom. Chris Caesar wrote about it here on

If you are a teacher, you should probably keep your drug use on the DL. Otherwise, you could end up like Bryan Gosnell. It sounds like he was holding it together for a while, but eventually it all comes crashing down. Especially if you drive like an asshole. Erin James wrote about it here on York Dispatch.

Because I know you are curious about who won the odd book title prize. It’s a book called “How to Poo on a Date.” I miss out on all the good ideas. I could have written that much better. But of course, I did not. Check out the article here.


I love it when people like this get all wasted and fighty. It’s like calm down red, calm down. Then again, cocaine is a hell of a drug. Erin Ivie wrote about it here on The Sun.


Yet another reason to wrap it up. Note the classy neck tattoo. I bet the kid she was fucking was totally stoked until it started to burn when he pee’d and his mom got involved. Mike Gertzman wrote about it on AZ Family.

Have you seen this dick? Note the amazing recovery by the news team. Watch the video. Did someone say cock? Christopher Hooton wrote about it on The Independent.


Congratulations Amelia Boomker, you are in Guinness for donating breast milk. Some ladies are producers, some are squirters. Put your boobies on the glass ladies. Geoff Ziezulewicz wrote about it on the Chicago Tribune.

Hell yeah I suck toes! Check out these creepfest licking toes at walmart. Check out the article here on the Smoking Gun.

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