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“This ain’t the Walking Dead motherfucker, you can’t just claim shit.”

Back with another hilariously great episode of the Jamhole for your listening pleasure. Just a reminder, if you want to come experience Winter Wonderland here in Montana with us for 2015, send a message to so we can take a head count. We’re going to do snowmobiling, skiing / snowboarding, and of course, a Jamhole live show. Let’s make this happen. Here’s some show notes.

Puffer is leaving for greener pastures. We wish him luck this summer when he leaves.


We got to finally go on our snowmobile trip with Robby. I’m not going to really say anything about this here, but I will leave you with this picture, and a link to the full Olney Snowmobile album over on Google+. It completely sums up the whole experience.

I also own a car now, which is both awesome, and not so awesome. In other news, I do feel good about the fact that I spent more money on my sled than I did on my car.

Sure, I’ll go buy a pack of smokes for a nice old lady. I’m just here to help.


We’re going to see Sage Francis and B. Dolan in Missoula Montana at the Palace Lounge Wednesday June 11th. If you are local, this one is going to be awesome. Sage is one of my favorite hip hop artists, and B. Dolan is equally awesome. Check out the tickets here, or check out their tour schedule to see if they are playing near you. I highly recommend it.

Was there seriously another shooting at Fort Hood? What the fuck is going on over there?


Let’s all give a big round of applause, and welcome exorcism to the 21st century. We can do this shizz over Skype or Google Hangouts. Religion is the best. Gideon Resnick wrote about it here on Vice.

Did you know that early bright light has been connected to lower BMI? Yeah, you should just check out the article here by Karen Kaplan on the LA Times.

In other stupid news, this 33 year old dude has been living on nothing, except for beer. And water, and other fluids. But mostly beer. Check it out here on Oddity Central.


Sorry sir, my goat ate it. What in the holy fuck are you doing with that goat? An Escape Goat, if you will. This is really good police work boys. We’re pretty sure at some point the guy had his penis in the goat. Check out the article here.


Of course you dropped the poo poo in the elevator. You win this week. You and your amazing zebra striped pants. Will Greenlee wrote about it here on Off the Beat.

Apparently if you have a 2010 – 2012 Mazda 6, the spiders might weave a web of death and make your car explode. That’s what you get for killing spiders all the time. Anita Lienert wrote about it on Edmunds.


The Tobacco plant may cure cancer for us. I’m just going to set that right there. Read about it here on The Conversation.

Remember, make your plans now for Winter Wonderland here in Montana in early 2015. We’re going to shoot for February. We’ll go on a snowmobile trip, hit the mountain for some snowboarding / skiing, and of course, do a live show. You know it’s been a while since you’ve partied with us, and if you have never been to Montana for the winter, this is your chance.

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