TJH 645: Blubber and Bones


“How are you going to get raped then?”

It’s Friday which means here’s another episode of the Jamhole. Just two assholes this evening, as Robby has taken the night off to sleep or something. I say Friday because that’s when these shows get recorded live on Jamhole TV. If you miss the live show, you can wait your sorry ass until the middle of the next week before I get motivated enough to write and post this shizz. So that’s that, without further ado we have a great show for you. Enjoy!

Again ask me how I know we work in the ghetto? Well, for one, some asshole tried to kick the back door in. For two, I had to dump a bunch of water out, because apparently we can’t leave anything out back there. Such dicks.

Speaking of dicks, who has ten on it? Send it here and we’ll send it there.

Remember that asshole that fucked Kdog over with the whole training thing? We called it, a little late though. We said winter time he would be out of business. Well, it’s the beginning of summer, and guess who closed up shop? Such amazing vindication.

In our favorite bit, Distracted Driving, people are still driving like retards. I like how we each had a story this week.

Image Credit: Aaron Logan
Image Credit: Aaron Logan

Remember Ask Dr. Phil? That’s right bitches, we’re bringing that shit the fuck back. There’s a ton of letters just like this we never got around to answering, so here they are. These are the fucking best.

Remember the dead whale the Newfy’s were trying to figure out what to do with? Someone got the great idea of selling it on Ebay. Ebay didn’t think that idea was all that great, and pulled the listing. Doug Saffir wrote about it on

Why you should never visit Montana. Or at least move here. You can visit and spend your money here, but then kindly get the fuck out. Rob DeLuca wrote about it on


Have you ever been hazed? Hazed and confused even? What up Freshman basic bitches, get your asses on the floor and start sizzling like bacon. Damn, college wasn’t near this fun when I was there. Check out the article here on the New York Post.


We all know what happens when a woman is told twice. This is what happens when your girl has to tell you twice. See how much more vindictive women can be? Her name is Heather Johnson, and she needs a tattoo that says WARNING, that’s all, just a warning. Cait McVey wrote about it here on Bay News 9.


Remember that chick that wanted to sell her virginity to get herself through medical school? Yeah, she totally reneged. Such an indian giver. Puffer is probably right as to what happened here. Jonathan Block wrote about it here on the Daily Mail.

We are getting really good at killing shit. We have awesome missiles that can kill shit all sorts of ways. Here is one example. Are you familiar with the Brimstone missile? Jesus Diaz wrote about it on Sploid.


If, or more importantly when, the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts, we’ll be ok here, but the rest of you will be pretty well fucked. Check out the blog post here.

In new groundbreaking research, we now know that people who are argue more in relationships are more likely to die early. That’s good, so basically, if we wait enough time, all the assholes will die, then we can really get back to basics. Kim Painter wrote about it on USA Today.


Enjoy a rough cut at the end of this episode of some new rap shit we’re working on. You even get to hear Puffer try to sing. For more awesome rap shizz, check out the Music Page.

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