TJH 684: Seizure Dream Catcher


“Tell them you’re in pain, and that you’re having a hard time focusing.”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole. The trippy trio back at it again bringing you the news you probably don’t care about intermixed with nonsensical banter you probably shouldn’t listen to. But hey, the more you know right? Hit the read more for links and shit.

Let’s start things off strong by talking about what most likely happens when you die. Also ghosts. Let’s talk about ghosts. That’s right, tackling the big questions.

Something Deeply Hidden

I’m reading Something Deeply Hidden by Sean Carroll. Maybe ghosts are just trapped in a different world than we are. Keep up with what I’m reading over on Goodreads.

It’s apparently No Nut November. So where the fuck did that come from? The internet of course. Let’s talk about the No Nut November Origins story.

The Pox

Follow along with us as we conduct this social experiment that is called Ben. Will he be able to find a job and support himself on his own? Or is he doomed to be a dependent?

Raise your hand if you got chicken pox for Halloween!


What about razor blades? Did any of you get razor blades in your Halloween stash?

Remember Wilt Chamberlain? He sure fucked a lot of chicks.

Wilt the Stilt

There was maybe a carbon monoxide leak during this crazy swinger party in Germany. Fuck those Germans really know how to live.

What do you even know about Meth 2.0?

Targeted Person or mental illness

Let’s play a game called mental illness or targeted person. In this story, what do you think it is?

Would you press charges if this chick jumped out of your bedroom and tried to fuck you at machete point?

machete sex

What’s the best spot to OD? Like if you had a choice? This lady tried to do it in her car on the freeway. Not a great spot at all really.

What do you know about Peter’s Massage Parlor? Also, Peters is the name of the town. Derp.

This dude had some weed stuck up his nose, for about 18 years.

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