TJH 685: Hymen


“I didn’t get to talk to him about my concerns of the reptilian agenda.”

Tonight, on a very anatomically correct, personally invasive episode of the Jamhole, Mat, BJ and Ben are back talking all sorts of shit about all sorts of shit. So remember not to leave your phone on top of the car and butter up some popcorn and grab your hymens, it’s time for the Jamhole!

BJ completely wrecked her phone. Feel free to donate and help her get a new one. Luckily for her, find my device was on it’s game.

broken pixel

A bag of rice will fix many things.

Ben is way into burlesque these days.

Rolling Coal

Coal Rolling is a thing huh? That’s pretty weird. There’s some pretty interesting definitions for Rollin Coal here on Urban Dictionary. This Tesla driver got rolled 4 times in one commute.

Hey America, what’s up with all the incest porn you watch on Porn Hub?

For around $400,000 you could have a penis and scrotum transplant. Vets get a discount of course.

dick replacement

Death rays are a thing now.

The Gateway Foundation is trying to build a space hotel by 2025.

space hotel

Some third graders in Portland had some crack at school.

In probably the weirdest news of the night, TI gets his daughters hymen checked yearly.

TI will check ya hymen

After 42 years in space, the Voyager 2 breaks through the heliosphere. The two probes were launched in 1977, flying by Jupiter and Saturn, where they diverged. Voyager 2 ended up changing its path at Saturn to fly by close to Uranus and Neptune. That’s right, Uranus.

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