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“Rich people have no self awareness, trust me.”

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So there’s a Purell shortage huh? That’s pretty weird. It’s a good thing we have immune systems and shit.

purell fam

In more Coronavirus news, Costco is now pulling all it’s free samples until the sick either get better, or die. Here’s the Reddit AMA about the people who were stuck in quarantine.

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Chlamydia meme

As the ice melts in the Arctic, we’re probably going to find all sorts of neat bacteria and viruses. Scientists have found some ancient Chlamydia. Let’s hear it for science… and climate change.

How bad do you want to leave civilization behind and go straight buck wild?

lynx vilden

Blanket is all grown up, and bought himself a pretty dope house. Nice job Bigi, if you need a podcast to come mentor you on the finer things in life, holler.

If you spit on a fast food worker, you should probably expect to get smacked with a hot coffee pot.


Teacher of the week goes to Lisa Hutchinson for paying a student 50 bucks to punch another student.

If you get a modeling gig, make sure it’s a real modeling gig, and not some sex traffickers.


If you use Oral -B heads, make sure you are getting the real shit, not this half ass dirty knock off bullshit.

The Satanists in Washington came out to do some rituals at the capitol. They were also met by some Christians.

satanic conga line

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