TJH 703: Bait People


“When the internet goes down, I’m going to be drawing a lot of porn.”

Those of you who are still alive, thank you so much for tuning in. We need a little laughter during these dark, dire times. Are you prepared? Stay safe out there, it’s business as usual around here… For now. Eugene checking in! This is a pretty amusing episode, so light one up, sip one down, kick back and relax. You deserve it. Enjoy the show and the quick vacation from life it brings.

NASA has some helpful tips for us during our time of quarantine. Just pretend you are an astronaut training for an important space mission.

Space Yo

Take care out there and do not leave any toilet paper in your car, because someone will smash that shit.

Do you make a big stink about your roommate’s pooping schedule?

Toilet Paper Kingpin

How do you know if you have enough toilet paper for the quarantine? Welp, this handy little website has the answer.

When did journalism start depending on shitty ads to survive? Your news websites all fucking suck.

Mountain Dewd

This couple in Kentucky tried to do the Dew. They were denied 552 cans of Mountain Dew. Do you smell that? Smells like roommate beef to me.

Shout out to Aunt Patty. How many Aunt Patties do you know?

shout out the lava lamp

Shout out to the Lava Lamp.

I am considered the last Gen X’er and the First Millennial. It’s my burden to bare. This post on Parade about how we handle all the bullshit that was left to us is pretty sweet.

Gen X

Shout out to Crack!

Remember when you could just let kids play outside without having to watch them? I member.

So I guess weed shops are still gonna be open during these times of quarantine.

Da Pope

Fear not, the Pope has asked god to do something about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Thanks Pope!

Another asteroid is passing through Earth’s orbit. Unfortunately, nothing is probably going to happen this time. As usual.

Have you even googled Event 201? I have not.


Shout out Jojo.

Thanks for killing an hour with us and checking out the show.

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