The Jamhole 724: Holding the Bag


“That’s less than two stiffs per day…”

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Jamhole! Mat and BJ back with you chatting about the ridiculousness of the week’s events. We’re doing these shows live Saturday evening around 9pm pacific time through the r/dabs discord server. Come join us throughout the week! Hit the link below for the show notes!

If you enjoy reddit, and stocks… and autism, I would highly recommend r/wallstreetbets. You’re welcome.

Here’s a friendly reminder to make every flip count… Here’s a little loss porn, and a lesson for those losing. If you’re going to YOLO, this is the way.

While we’re on a Reddit tip, which apocalypse would you like to see? Reddit responds, and does not disappoint.

You should check out r/Eugene to see what’s going on where we live.

pizza tip stiffing

Being a pizza delivery guy can be rough, especially if you live in Minnesota. This cat documented getting stiffed for a year straight. What did he find in all this data? Y’all definitely need to be tipping more.

Trump Razors

A dude in Michigan had to get stitches because some asshole put razor blades on her Trump sign. Razor blades on a fucking sign? Is this for real or just fake news? I can’t even tell the difference anymore.

Melissa ChengMindy

Now this is a church I can get behind. The ladies, not so much…

puss caterpillar

If you live in Virginia, watch out for the Puss caterpillar. That puss will sting the shit out of you.


Apparently an emu was out running around the westside of Jacksonville.

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