TJH 723: Makeshift Facemask


“I would not ever live anywhere those things existed.”

Mat and BJ back with you for another episode of the Jamhole comedy podcast. Thanks for checking out the show. Trying to get back into this weekly routine of making fun of the ridiculous shit we seem to keep getting ourselves into. Not us personally, but the collective us. Humanity. Take a deep breath, hit play and clear your mind while we take you on an audible journey through the nonsense that has become 2020. Hit the link below for the show notes.

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So how about those debates…

hunter biden

So how about that coronavirus huh? Looks like it might take it’s toll through the ranks of these politicians. Good luck y’all!

Trick or treating has been cancelled, but you know they still gonna decorate.

Stress kills, so don’t worry, be happy… Eat more psychedelics.

Orb Weaver

Orb weavers are dope, because they make dope webs. If you see one, let it be. Unless you happen to get caught in the web, then burn that mother fucker down Pookie!

Huntsmen Spider

Are you familiar with the Huntsmen spider? Oh yea baby, those are the ones that will eat your ass in your sleep, and not in a good way. This one got itself a frog.

Courtney Roznowski

Having sex with your teacher is apparently every kids dream… And he’s probably not wrong.

Meth and exorcisms, what more could you ask for? Thank you Arkansas.


Did you know the OG Poltergeist movie was supposed to be rated R, but Spielberg got them to drop it to PG, which apparently fucked up a whole bunch of kids in the 80s. Hands up if you got fucked up in the 80s!

closest monster

This dude in Louisiana was knocking boots with a 15 year old, then hiding in her closet when the parents were home. This went on for about a month.

sleeping prince

This dude fell asleep on a roadtrip and his wife had the internet photoshop in what he missed.

This hottie was caught jerking off in front of a 7 11 at 11 am. Prime jerking off time right?

So we’re finally at the extinction level crisis? Now? Well let’s talk about it this year, but we’ll maybe try and do something about it next year.

If you stick your hand in a lion cage, you should expect it to get chomped on. Nice kitty!

hedgehog salmonella

Wash your hands you filthy animals. Especially after handling your filthy animals. Otherwise you might just get yourself a case of salmonella.

Bitch! You know I don’t like mayonnaise on my hamburger!

The award for landlord of the week goes to John Grebe of PA. Do any of you ever get the urge to hit someone with a baseball bat? Or just BJ?

This isn’t the Country Kitchen buffet… In a quick bit we like to call Distracted Driving!

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