The Jamhole 726: Poisoned


“I’m taking this bitch on Maury!”

Thanks for checking out another fresh ass episode of the Jamhole. This one is 726, and we’re back chatting with you about the events of the week. Be sure to catch us live most Saturday evenings at 9pm Pacific time streaming via the r/dabs discord! We’re super excited to be able to do some live shows with you all, so definitely try and catch the next one. Hit the link below for the show notes!

I’m starting 40 off pretty rough. I hope you enjoy hearing puke stories! Happy birthday to me! If you want to get me something, I would recommend buying one of my albums, or kicking my homie some cash on his GoFundMe. That would be a dope present!

Been playing a lot of folf, finally got my nightmare to come true. Walked right into a big ass orb weaver spider web at Clearwater.

Disc Golf Cake

Here’s the reddit post on r/discgolf that was getting some love if you want to see the cake BJ made.

Sean Feucht

Thousands of people are expected to gather on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Sunday evening to participate in a worship event and to protest COVID-19 restrictions.


Contaminated water that could soon be released into the sea from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant contains radioactive carbon with the potential to damage human DNA, environmental rights organization Greenpeace has warned.

Sit back and enjoy as BJ reminisces about her days of getting rocks out the faucet from the Butte mine or something.

Body Sushi

The actions of a fire chief in Texas are under review after photos were made public in which he was eating sushi displayed on a mostly nude woman at a firefighter’s birthday party this year.

Marbled Crayfish

Escaped self-cloning mutant crayfish created in experimental breeding programs have invaded a Belgian cemetery.

Gerald Turkey

After five months of attacking unsuspecting Grand Lake residents, Gerald the turkey was captured.

Police charged a Youngstown, Ohio, woman on Wednesday with child endangerment after her child grabbed a gun from inside her purse and fired a shot inside a Sam’s Club store.

A single man looking for love on Tinder has been called out for his extreme dating requirements.


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