TJH 754: Crusaders of the Rug


“Getting rugged is more than a lifestyle, it’s a religion.”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll cry some more, then we’ll hopefully laugh again. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Lately, the L’s have been outweighing the W’s it seems. Anyway, let’s give BJ a proper send off, and we’ll be  back most likely in a week or two. Thanks for checking out the podcast! Hit the link below for the show notes.

Shitcoin season comes and goes. It feels like we’re finally getting to the end of this one, but you never know. Crusaders of Crypto had a great idea, but apparently something happened in the contract code, which caused the LP to go buh bye.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster will remain in the realms of satire, after an attempt to have its Australian wing formally recognized was rejected by a South Australian legal authority on the grounds that the purported religion is nothing more than a “hoax”.

Did you hear about the Biden’s dog? Thanks for that little news clip Ben!

Did you hear about the Pennsylvania lottery scam of 1980? This is a pretty fun story.

So this is the song I was thinking of. Thanks Mr. Cash.

The housing market is rocking right now, get yourself your very own house from hell!

How’s the my pillow guy doing these days? Sounds like he’s about to burn down his factory and claim some insurance money.

Arizona popping off with some hit and run bicycle action ending with cops shooting the truck up. That’s good work boys…

Speaking of cops, check out this cop just doing cop things.

This isn’t the country kitchen buffet. Where did I park my car?

A trip to the Florida Keys got off to a sour start for two groups of Boy Scouts from Georgia who said they secured accommodations through Airbnb for a house that doesn’t even exist.

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