TJH 768: Holiday in Cambodia

The Jamhole 768

“If you want that anti grope feature, its gonna cost extra.”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole. Still keeping it real in web2, in a web3 meta-world. Work has been going really well. We’re cranking out more content than anyone could ever absorb. Also a huge congrats to the Terra ecosystem for doing it’s own thing regardless of what BTC is doing, and hitting ATH’s. Good game Luna. Anyway, thanks for listening to this nonsense!

A woman has been groped in the metaverse. An investigation has been launched.

Terran Waifu!

Did any of you mint these busty ass Terran waifus? In other news, why is the younger generation so into hentai? No judgement, just curious.

If you die in the metaverse, do you die in real life?

What is this garbage?

Shitty pizza with shitty weed, that won’t even get you high. What the fuck are you doing Thailand?

India showing up this week!

What in the actual fuck is going on in India? This is some next level shit.

If you think that’s worth money, I’ve got a bridge to sell you… Well I did. Where the hell did the bridge go?

All hail the Christmas goats!

Christmas goats in Sweden are burning…


Whenever I hear Omicron, this is what I think of.

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